Friday, November 20, 2009

Girl Power

I grew up in the age of the Spice Girls. I still love them, and I'm not embaressed! Their songs are perfect running music.

Ryan, for whatever bizarre and unfounded reasons, doesn't share my love for the Spice Girls. Weird, I know. Needless to say, I have been limited to ONE Spice Girls song at the reception. One.

I am torn, ladies, TORN.

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Toughest wedding decision yet!

I can't be the only person who wanted to be a certain Spice Girl, so fess up...which Spice Girl did you secretly want to be?


  1. I've always loved Posh...

    And I DEFINITELY vote for Wannabe, I think the crowd will love it!

  2. ONE spice Girl song, that is a tough decision!!! But if I had to make this choice I would go for Wannabe

    And I always wanted to be Baby.

  3. HANDS DOWN: SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. I played this song at a new year's party RIGHT after the clock struck midnight and i swear EVERYONE went wild - guys, girls, animals, you name it! everyone loved it.oh and if i had to choose a spice girl to be, it would be scary spice. for the sole fact that anyone who refers to themselves as 'scary' deserves to be loved.

  4. I LOVED the Spice Girls!! Had posters on my wall and everything. I wanted to be Scary--mainly because she looked the most like me.

    I would go with Wannabe...since everyone will recognize and can sing/belt along!

  5. Gurl power! Haha, I totally loved Baby Spice and Ginger Spice back in the day!

  6. Say you'll be there - my vote! Spice girls remind me of high school.

  7. No, has to be Wannabe! It's totally a girl power song. In fact, you just gave me an idea! Me and my group of 20 something ladies that I lead in a weekly bible study are going to surprise the Mr. at the wedding with a little choreographed lip sync performance and I have been trying to think of what song to use. Definitely Wannabe is a contender. Perhaps, you and your bridesmaids should do the same? :)

  8. I vote for Say You'll Be There. As much as I am a HUGE Spice Girls fan myself (yes, I've seen the movie many times), I think people will roll their eyes if they hear Wannabe come on.


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