Monday, November 23, 2009

Outside the Box

Saturday Ryan and I were at Hobby Lobby and we did so well!

We weren't looking for this, but we saw it and I instantly loved it. We're going to use it for our card box. I'm on the lookout for thick aqua ribbon to embellish this a bit, and I know I'll re-use it for storage after the wedding.

Here's a close up of the pattern:

The hatbox was with the Christmas packaging stuff, and was 50% off, so we got it for $5.50!

Cardbox dilemma solved! That was easy.

We also got all of the aqua fabric for table overlays for the reception. We bought 15 yards of fabric at $1.99/yard and it was half off. It came to like $17.59 or something. I am still on a high at what great deals we got! I've told pretty much everyone I've come into contact with how well we did I'm so excited.

What are you doing for your cardbox? What's your biggest bargain triumph?


  1. I love damask & red, so this a great combo!!!

  2. Adorable box, and such great deals! Give yourself a pat on the back and eat some sweets!

  3. Score on the great deal on the box, it's lovely!

  4. Great little box! I love boxes like that. We have about 3!

  5. Nice!! I made my 3 tiered one out of those same boxes on sale. Check it out here if you'd like....

  6. Somehow I missed this post - that box is perfect! I think the ribbon will really set it off.

  7. We're hoping to make one of these too...just need to find some boxes. This is a beautiful one. And great sale on it too!


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