Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Over the Top

Thanks to Katie for passing this on to me!

I'm going to share it with Miss Mojito, Kristy, Miss Pug, Buhdoop, LauraLou, and Chocolate Lover.

Can I just say how much I love following along on everyone's journey? I am blown away by the kick*ss women I've "met," and I love knowing that if I ever travel to Indiana then I can call up Miss Pug, or if I go to Vancouver I can give Chocolate Lover a ring! So thank you to everyone who reads and comments and shares, you all have impacted my wedding planning experience in ways I never thought possible. We've got ourselves an amazing circle, don't we?


  1. Thanks, girl! And know that if you're ever in Kansas City or anywhere in KS really, you better give me a call!

  2. Well DUH!!! <3 I so appreciate my bridal blogger gals. We need a massive meetup!
    -Miss Pug

  3. Thank you ma'am, I do enjoy that fab people in our blog world.

  4. we so do! i really am beginning to cherish you all- thanks dear! (ps. extra bedroom ready for you in Boston)


Hearing from you all makes my day!