Friday, November 6, 2009

Engaging Pics Round II

Ok, here's a couple more pictures I am thrilled about....

(Once again, click on the picture to see the true quality, blogger makes them look fuzzy and they really aren't!)

We really didn't take a ton of kissing ones.

I love, love love this picture!

This one was Ryan's idea, I think it's fun:

For this one, we climbed into a tree and I did my best not to flash our photog friend. Climbing onto a branch in a dress is hard!

We also took some on the Southeast Missouri State University Track (both Ryan and I went to school here).

It was weird to actually be sitting next to him in the bleachers at the track...he's usually running around doing coaching stuff.

We took some incredible pictures and I couldn't be happier with the results. I am really pleased with the locations we picked...they were on the random side! The rock garden with the fountain behind us is actually right across the street from the water treatment random, but unique and pretty. The track was Ryan's idea, and those were really fun and had meaning to us. The Victorian mansion in my hometown is open to the public for tours, and we went in the morning so we'd have the grounds to ourselves. We also went to 2 parks overlooking the Mississippi River, and the cool doorway is another historic building downtown.

I am also glad that we got to take the pictures in my hometown, since the wedding festivities are in St. Louis. We got incredibly lucky with the weather...the leaves were at their peak and the sky was so blue.

My friend Austin was so generous and donated his Saturday morning to take these for us--thanks second cousin!

Anyway, these semi-DIY or, more accurately, DIT (do-it-together) pictures are the nicest ones I have of Ryan and I am, and I couldn't be happier with them. We'll be using them in the photo guest book for the wedding and possibly for e-mail save the dates. I am so amazed that we came out with pictures that are so representative of us as a couple! Who says you have to pay a pro, right?

Did you do engagement pictures?


  1. Ohhh these are so good! I think the brick one is my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Miss P

  2. They all look really cute, but I think that I like the one where you're in the red sweater and it really brings out the leaves in the background!

    Just beautiful...makes me wish we had done an e-session!

  3. My faves are the first one (kissing) and the one on the bleachers! You already know about our engagement shoot so wont bore you with it again :)

  4. So cute! I love the 3rd one, it looks like he told you something funny and you're laughing. We still need to do our engagement pictures.

  5. These are so sweet! I love your look so cute.


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