Monday, November 2, 2009

Tropical Aqua

Remember when I tried on those J Crew wedding dresses a few months ago, and I found the tropical aqua color J Crew has for some of their special occasion dresses? The wedding consultant at the store didn't know if J Crew would come back out in the spring and she told me to keep checking.

So, last week I was checking out the Bridal section of J Crew stalking my bridesmaid's dresses, and they have a spring preview up. I was flipping through it, hoping to see the tropical aqua color that would be ideal bridesmaid's dresses, and didn't see it. I randomly e-mailed their wedding consultant and asked her if tropical aqua would be making a reappearance.....and this was her reply:


We will have the tropical aqua available in our Silk Taffeta dresses in the Spring Collection. This collection will be available around January. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,

Lauren Harris


Sweet success! Sweet sweet success!

I like the bridesmaid's dresses so much, that I bought one for myself! It was on J Crew's final sale a couple months ago. I wore it to a wedding in September:

And here it is full length with red shoes (they're brand new BCBG peep-toe pumps, I got them at Plato's Closet for $10!):

Basically, I'm in love with this dress. The aqua is pretty much perfect, and the taffeta is such good quality and has a pretty sheen to it. Hopefully the bridesmaid's will love them as much as I do!

I am so relieved that J Crew is coming back out with this color. As soon as the dresses come out in January, I'm going to get all of the bridesmaid's together up in St. Louis and have them pick a couple dresses they'd like to try. It'll work the same way the wedding dress try-on session worked: they'll pick out the dresses they want to try on and let me know what size, and J Crew will bring those dresses in for them to choose from. J Crew's customer service is out of this world!

I'll have the girls pick out whatever dress they'd like in Tropical Aqua. Hopefully there will be a decent selection in the taffeta.

Where are you getting your bridesmaid's dresses from?


  1. Didn't realize J.Crew would bring in dresses, that's nice!

    My girls are wearing the ruffle wrap dress in chocolate brown. And, I own that dress in black and pewter (what can I say, I liked the ruffle wrap so much, I had to have it myself).

    The dress you have on, I plan on purchasing as well...Not sure what I'll wear it for yet, but I love their taffeta dresses!

  2. I LOVE them! The color combination with the red HOT shoes is absolutely gorgeous...

  3. I got that dress in Brook for my girls! Well, two have the strapless version and 2 have a halter-strap type version, I think they were both called the Sangle...They are so pretty in real life, love 'em!

  4. Love the dress and especially the color! As you saw I also had bridesmaids dresses on the brain! Will your bridesmaids be wearing red shoes also? I think that would look great!

  5. LOVE IT! It's what my bridesmaids are wearing but in black! -Miss P

  6. That dress is so pretty on you, and I love the color!

  7. Very cute...aqua is a fun color. I refer to my wedding colors as a turquoise/aqua because mine is a bit more blue than what it looks like you are going for. We got our dresses from Jasmine B2 Bridal. And we found a color they have called Bahama Breeze that I wanted all my girls to wear (it's sort of a turqouise color and matched my color swatches perfectly!). But most of the girls weren't loving it so only my daughter got her dress in that color and the flower girl's sash is in the same color. I later found out that one of my other BM's loved that color and wanted it but she never spoke up. I totally would have let her have the same color as my daughter if I would have known. (sigh) Instead, the 5 BM's went with a red colored dress. Pretty, but typical.

  8. Wow that dress is cute! LOVE the red shoes with it. Heaps similar in style to my bridesmaids dresses. Now I wish we'd gone with colour - they are too cute!

  9. P.s. Left you a little something on my blog. Pretty sure you already have it - but wanted you to know I appreciate your comments on my blog. Thanks

  10. I love this dress!! J Crew has the cutest wedding stuff, it's so classic and well-made.

  11. I was just looking at that dress today and wondering if it fit nicely, I had always liked the cotton version that I saw in the summer but I thought it was too casual for my wedding, but the taffeta would be great.

  12. Yay for them bringing back the color for the spring! My BM's are wearing J Crew as well; they were able to pick whichever style they like out of the "Vintage Blue" color in silk chiffon. So exciting!

  13. Sweet! I want my BM's dresses to come from J Crew too. Their color, Spiced Wine, is perfect! It seems too early for the girls to buy dresses so I'm hoping that color will still be available next Spring/Summer!


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