Tuesday, November 3, 2009

3 Years

3 years ago today I first laid on eyes on my man.

3 years ago, at the state cross country meet in Jefferson City, Missouri, I saw this super hot guy with a clipboard with my little sister's cross country coach. I asked my mom who he was, and she said, "Oh, that's Coach Lane. He coached Alli [my other sister], too."

I had gone to dozens of Mary and Alli's meets throughout the 2 years Ryan helped coach and never once laid eyes on this kid. Weird, no? To add to the oddness, I had just quit smoking 2 weeks ago before meeting him.

Now the joke is that I never met him because I was always smoking behind the buses!

Anyway, I was checking him out all day....I'm shameless. Things weren't going so hot with my best friend (we were growing apart in really big ways), and I hadn't dated in quite a while. I tried to lock eyes with him, but he totally ignored me (he's very focused at meets....but I had no way of knowing that then).

My family and Ryan at last year's was freaking freezing!

I ended up adding him to Facebook, thinking, "what do I have to lose?" He friended me and we began an epic 3-week long message-back-and-forth deal and I finally asked him out for coffee. We ended up having lunch at a Mexican restaurant in town and talked for so long that our guacamole oxidized. A few months later we were a couple, and 3 years later, here we are.

Isn't it strange how things work out? I look back on that day and I think about how unaware I was at how much things would change and how much Ryan would change things for the better for me.

I think it's fitting that we met at a cross country meet...what can I say, we're running nerds in a big way!

So fill me in, how did you and your significant other meet?


  1. Happy First-Meeting Anniversary to you guys! It really is interesting how things work out. I love reading these stories! I definitely had no idea that Mr. Milk and I would end up where we are now. Especially since neither was looking to get into a relationship!

  2. Awee that is a really sweet story. My best friend and bridesmaid, Emily, actually has a picture of her and her husband the first day they met. Crazy! You have to check it out:

    Happy Anniversary! Who knew simply not smoking would cause you to meet your future husband? What a crazy world we live in! :-)

  3. That's a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing...maybe I should do a post like that too! I don't think that I ever did a "how we met" type of post, not even in the beginning of my blog.

    But for a sneak peek, we met at work...we worked together for almost a year before actually meeting...even though I noticed how HOT he was the day he was hired. Sparks flew that day, and every once in a while I would try to time my exit with his (while wearing smoking RED pants) to catch his eye...still took almost a year! haha...LOL.

  4. Love this story! I'm always amazing how many couples have beautiful beginnings full of "coincidences" that seem strange or perhaps meant to be. I'll do a post about S and me soon as well.

  5. Such a cute story! I love your line about how you only met him because you quit smoking, haha!

  6. Cute story! I met David in our World History class freshman year of high school. :)

    PS - Jefferson City is only a couple hours away from me! :)

  7. That is a cute story. Meant to be huh!? You have inspired a post.. stay tuned.

    Thanks for sharing!


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