Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Options

I posted here about how thrilled I was that J Crew is bringing by Tropical Aqua for the spring, that color will be perfect for bridesmaid's dresses.

After browsing through their spring preview once or twice (ahem, more like ten times), I realized that only 4-5 dresses will be available in that color. Normally not a big deal, but the style of dresses is very, very similar. I want to give my bridesmaid's more options than that, so I have a couple of ideas....

1. J Crew also has a color called "fresh mint." Here it is:

It's pretty close to aqua, and I'd need to see this up close to the aqua to be sure, but I think that fresh mint and tropical aqua might work nicely. Different shades of aqua, you know? I'd have to see it in person, though.

2. David's Bridal has a color called ruby that is the perfect red, and there are 6 dress styles that come in that color. Actually more than that, but I'm not counting the long dresses.


There's a David's Bridal in St. Louis, so Ryan's sisters wouldn't have to drive to my hometown to try this dress on.

So I'm thinking, have the girls see if they like any of the Tropical Aqua dresses from J Crew. If they don't, we'll see how the Fresh Mint and the Tropical Aqua look together. If that doesn't work, they'll have another 6 options to choose from at David's Bridal.

I know that every bride says that they want their bridesmaid's to be able to wear their dresses again...but I mean every word of that! I hope that giving the bad*ss women who are standing up with me as many options as I have will increase the odds of the dress being worn again.

What are you doing for bridesmaid's dresses?


  1. One of my bridesmaids and I just looked at that David's Bridal dress this past weekend! I'm asking them to wear matching dresses, but right now am torn between choosing something from DB or looking for a dress from a non-wedding store. That fresh mint color from J.Crew is exactly what I want the dresses to be...going to check out their site now :)

  2. Those are cute and you are definitely thinking of your BM's and giving them plenty of options. We went with a darker red Jasmine B2 shorter dress for my girls. They come to right at their knees. We had a few hiccups with the store when they ordered them in the wrong length but they resolved the issue and they look great on all the girls now. And the girls really seem to like them, too and feel they are flattering. I don't know if any of them would actually wear them again but they could if they wanted because they're a simple chiffon dress with comfy straps.

  3. That fresh mint colour is divine! Best of luck.

  4. These are both really cute dresses and I think our color is close to the fresh mint of the first one...and they call ours turquoise! Their Mori Lee and the girls love them. :)

  5. Either color looks great. Make sure you stop into a David's Bridal to see a fabric swatch of that ruby color, just to make sure it really is the right red.

    I like the cute on that red dress, too. Would make my shoulders look wide, but it's a cute dress!

    The fresh mint is a refreshing color, too. Not too bold, but still within your color palette, ya know?!

  6. I loooove the fresh mint! I think it would be nice to mix the two. GORGEOUS!I think the style of the jcrews will be more re-wearable than the DB ones.
    -Miss Pug


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