Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They're Done!

The bouquets I have been working on since AUGUST are finished! And they are exactly what I had in my is so exciting to be able to create something and have it match up perfectly with what you had in your head, isn't it?

Alli modeled one for me:

Here's more of a close up:

And the bottom so you can see how I covered that not-especially-attractive bouquet holder. The ribbon wrap is 100% perfect but I think it's definitely close enough.

My bouquet is a touch bigger, and will have an aqua handle wrap. I found the rhinestone pins at thrift stores...a few of them are earrings that my dad used his saw/drill thingy to cut the earring part off, then I hot glued a pin back from Hobby Lobby on and pinned them into the bouquet.

So all 5 bridesmaid's bouquets are done, I'm waiting on feathers for mine. I ordered 3 inch feathers that worked nicely for the smaller bridesmaid's bouquets, but they weren't big enough for mine. I got the feathers for an amazing price from Etsy seller SimplySilverbyHeena. She's awesome, so if you need feathers check her out!

I am so thrilled with these, I can't wait to see how they look with my dress!

Want to make your own?

Here's the inspiration for my bouquet, and here's how I made the satin flowers. This is how I shaped the bouquet.

Don't want to make your own because it takes an obnoxiously lengthy amount of time? E-mail me, we'll talk!

So what do you think ladies? Don't they look 1000000x better than this attempt!


  1. They look great! I'm really impressed.

  2. Oooooh I love them!! I can't wait to see yours and see it also with your dress. I'm having rhinestone brooches on our bouquets as well. Love the idea!

  3. These are gorgeous and rockstar awesome, all at once. And you'll have such a pretty memento for the rest of your life!

  4. Gorgeous! It must feel so great to have them done!

  5. They look great! You worked so hard on these! Must feel good to see them all finally done and as you wanted :)

  6. They look so great! I am super duper impressed! Yay you!

  7. I love that you added the brooches. Great touch!

  8. Wow girl - they are so great. And I love that you made them yourself.

  9. They look great! Doesn't it feel so good to have another item to check off the list

  10. I am so speechless....these are absolutely beautiful! Great Job my friend! :) I can't wait to see them on your wedding day! :)

  11. I like them! I am also planning on making DIY fabric bouquets!! I just found your blog from "A future mrs...." blog. I am gonna add you to my list of reads :)


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