Thursday, October 8, 2009


Once I had 50ish fabric flowers lying around, I wanted to put them into a bouquet to see if this was actually going to work...or if I had wasted my time hand-sewing 50ish fabric flowers.

Alli took a break from her never ending homework to help me sew stems on (she's in block 3 this semester of her student teaching, so she is a busy woman!).

Henry was a big help.

He's pretty much got it made.

Alli was kind enough to arrange the flowers into a bouquet after we sewed stems on all of them. The stems we used were simple floral stems from Hobby Lobby. Alli doubled up the stems to give it some substance since we couldn't find any thicker ones and wrapped it tightly in floral tape. The floral tape from Hobby Lobby was sh*t, so Alli pulled some from a Martha paper flower kit that worked much better.

So here's the bouquet!

Another angle.

In one of the milk glass vases.

I think it is so cool. I can't wait to add some pins and more pearls to the centers of flowers. I also think it looks kick *ss in the vase....I think they would make neat centerpieces.

I was afraid this would look cheap or tacky, but I was pleasantly surprised...I think it looks eclectic and different.

This is obviously just a trial run. For the actual bouquets, we'll be using way more satin, organza and taffeta. We'll also have 90% ivory/white and 10% red. Also, we'll have more "centers" sewn into the flowers...pearls, beads, etc. Size wise I think this was good. Some of the fabrics I used looked too casual in the bouquet, so I'll relegate those to table decorations if anything.

What do you all think, am I fooling myself?

By the way, you all have been so wonderful and encouraging about these silly flowers that I have a little giveaway planned for Monday, so stay tuned!


  1. Very pretty, and different! I love the different textures of fabric you have mixed in, it really gives a lot of dimension.

  2. What a great idea. They look great in the milk vase...I love the pearl pins cant wait to see more! :)


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