Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brain Dump

-We definitely are getting a new pastor for the wedding, according to the church event coordinator. None of them require pre-marital counseling, so Ryan is in the clear. Hopefully we will meet with them soon. And they asked me if we had a preference for the gender of the pastor...and I'm going to be reverse sexist here and say having a female pastor would rock my face off. I was raised Catholic and didn't see a woman preaching until I went to a friend's confirmation my freshman year in high school. It blew my mind to see a female bishop!

-The church wants $70 to use their fellowship hall for our rehearsal dinner, which sucks because we're paying them $800 for 3 hours of church rental and the services of a pastor. Kind of a lot.

-I watched Food Inc. last night and I'm going to be the crazy mom who won't let their kids eat meat unless I know where it came from. There was a food safety advocate in the movie who lost her 2 1/2 year old son to E. Coli. Also, I can't eat meat anymore unless I know where it came from. Those Centralized Animal Feeding Operations are the most disgusting and inhumane things I have ever seen. And Tyson and the USDA are the devil.

-I also watched the PBS Masterpiece version of Wuthering Heights last night while I worked overlays for the reception tables (I get to re do 75% of them because the glue seeped through....super pumped about it ) and Heathcliff is one crazy *sshole. How Emily Bronte dreamed up someone like him after living such a cloistered life I will never know. Now that I watched the movie and kind of figured out what's going on, I might attempt the book after I finish Sense and Sensibility. I also watched The Diary of Anne Frank and it was AMAZING because it was so accurate that it was creepy. The characters were much more like they were in real life (Anne's diary was not kind to Mr. Dussel, but he was really a debonair womanizer who missed his fiance) and the set was perfect. They worked really hard to make it historically correct, and the 5 diary pages Mr. Frank pulled from publication are reflected in the story line. Definitely the best adaptation I've ever seen, and you can watch it here for free until May 12th.

-I talked to the girl who's doing my hair for the wedding last night and she is super cool.

-It's sunny out today for the first time in a while!

-My bachelorette party sounds like so. much. fun, from what little I've picked up.

-My pansy dog caught a blue jay today....bad*ss.

-The dress shop has completely forgotten about me. My alterations were supposed to be done last month but they haven't called, and I'll feel like the B word if I call to ask if it's done even though I shouldn't feel that way...they were supposed to call me weeks ago and haven't. I also had to call the shoe shop because they forgot to call and tell me my shoes were done and the church forgot to call me too. Isn't it dumb that I feel bad calling these people? It's all those B words out there making me paranoid about sounding like one.

-Kristin Chenowith freaking owns and Sue Slyvester's quip about Kenyan racing teams was the best.


  1. Lol @ "B words". Dude, do NOT feel bad about calling ANY of your vendors. My feeling is they're in the service industry to, you know, SERVE. Your concerns and questions are totally valid.

    Hope you get that female pastor, that would be awesome :) We're getting married by a gay man (secular ceremony) and it fills my heart with so much joy (I was raised Catholic as well).

  2. I say call the dress shop! There’s nothing “B”-like about politely following up, especially when you’re their customer and have spent your money at their store!

  3. I saw the Diary of Anne Frank on PBS too and LOVED it! I felt like a super nerd but I hadn't seen an adaptation since my high school's play. I remember hating the Anne Frank Museum when I went a few years ago because they had no furniture so there was no real feeling on how they lived but PBS did a great job at recreating it and I loved it!

    I won't lie though, I couldn't watch the end. It just breaks my heart.

    And yes, CALL THE DRESS SHOP!!!

  4. First of all, I love this post. It's great.
    Wasn't food Inc so totally eye opening? I loved it. And Tyson and the USDA are the devil.
    Call the dress shop, as long as you're not calling them every day, I'm sure that they won't mind. Especially if it would put your mind at ease. Plus, you're the BRIDE!

  5. Oh my gosh, call the dress shop! You paid for a service, after all! I feel your pain, too - my gown was supposed to come in over a month ago and hasn't yet . . . trying not to completely lose it!

  6. I agree with the ladies! Call the vendors. After all, you are paying them! I think for the most part, its pretty typical to have to chase vendors a little.

  7. my biggest pet peeve is businesses who say they will call, and then never do. Anymore, I'm not afraid to ask- "so are you really, actually going to remember to call me? because if you are going to forget, tell me now because I will remember"

  8. Oh, god, a bluejay...oh, dogs.

    I hate vendors with poor response times. It's like...don't you want my business? Ugh. Call them, it's totally your right, and you're not a B word for it.

  9. I struggled through Wuthering Heights (the book). It was worth reading I guess, but at the same time I didn't really enjoy it. Does that even make sense?

    Call the vendors! That is an organised thing to do, not a B wordy thing.


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