Thursday, April 8, 2010


My sister and maid of honor Alli was nice enough to put together a toss bouquet for me last weekend, since there is no way in hell I am tossing the satin flower bouquet I have slaved (I mean labored over with love) (they're almost done by the way, I'm just waiting for some feathers I ordered off Etsy to arrive!). I had a bunch of flowers laying around from before I really figured out exactly what I wanted for my bouquets, and I figured these would make a nice toss bouquet. (Want to make these super easy organza flowers for yourself? Here's a tutorial!)

The flowers were conveniently already sewn onto stems, so Alli just arranged them into a bouquet-ish shape, wrapped the stems in floral tape, and then did a ribbon wrap with some Martha Stewart ribbon we got at Big Lots for $1. Alli is a perfectionist and she is bothered that so much of the stem is showing...but I think it looks fab.

My room is such a mess, I'm sorry you have to look at it....and I've set up a sewing area on my desk, and when you sew you have to press things all the time, so I drug the ironing board and iron up from the basement and I just keep it in my room now. Classy. Also I've been in St. Louis for the past 3 weekends and cleaning is high on my priority list for the weekend.

Simple, easy, pretty, and thanks to Alli, DONE. These organza flowers took so little time and they were just sitting around going to waster, so I'm glad we could use them.

I have more organza flowers that are not sewn on to stems and I'm going to use them for pins/corsages for the moms and grandma. I'm going to glue a pin onto the back and sew ribbons onto the back, so the ladies can wear them as a pin or as a corsage...and if they pick the pin option then they can just cut the ribbons off. I do want to put pearls in the middle of the ones the moms/grandma will be wearing instead of the aqua or red beads, I think there's a higher chance of it matching better.

Can you bear to toss your bouquet or are you doing a separate toss bouquet? What are you doing corsage-wise for the women in your life?


  1. I didn't toss mine either bc it was made from a gal on etsy and it makes a beautiful keepsake. I ended up tossing one of the bridesmaids bouquets.

  2. Your toss bouquet is really pretty! My florist is giving me a separate toss bouquet, though I guess it wouldn’t really matter, since I’m as of now not planning to preserve my actual bouquet. And we’re giving wrist corsages to just our mothers.

  3. that is so cute! that would make a great idea for flower girls too!!!

    I'm probably going to toss my bouquet. I think if I didn't, I'd end up not being able to throw it away, and I just don't know where I would put it.

  4. It's really pretty.

    My mum bought some fake flowers for the bouquet toss. We got button on corsages for Mr B's mother and one Grandma. The other Grandma and my Mum had wrist ones. I asked them all to see what they wanted.

    We didn't get any flowers for the guys

  5. We won't be doing a toss but rather a handoff to my good girlfriend who is getting married the weekend after us. I won't be able to attend her big day since we'll be on our honeymoon but I thought that would be a nice way to recognize her as the REAL official next single lady to tie the knot after our wedding.

    For the mothers, I am having a simple wrist corsage made for them. I know people think horrible things when they think of wrist corsage but this is more of a simple bracelet with one white gardenia on it. I think it's pretty and classy and unobrusive :)

  6. LOVE IT! Waste not, want not!

    My florist is providing a free toss bouquet...well I'm sure we are paying for it within the hidden fees..hehe. I don't even know what it will look like--probably very similar to the bridesmaid bouquets, and made out of the left overs from everything else.

    I'm having wrist crosages made for the two moms and one grandma. The moms have hints of white stock in them, and then Grandma's does not to denote the difference.

    Can't wait to see your flowers in person!


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