Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dads and Grandpa

My dad has carried a handkerchief as long as I can remember. If we skinned our knees or had a runny nose when we were little, the handkerchief was there. When I got a little older I'd embroider dad a set for Christmas or his birthday, so I knew I wanted to do something special for the wedding. Ryan's dad occasionally carries a handkerchief and Ryan mentioned that his grandpa would like one as well.

I bought a set of 3 Charter Club handkerchiefs at Macy's for $10, and I bought red and aqua embroidery thread at Hobby Lobby for $2. I could've gotten away with way less thread, too, since embroidery thread has 6 strands in it and I separated it to use 2. So one piece of thread could go 3 times as long (the stitches were thick and sloppy looking with all 6 strands, 2 definitely looked the best).

I typed up the words I wanted in the font we used for our invites. It's called Tagettes and I downloaded it for free from After washing, drying and ironing the handkerchiefs, I traced over the typed up words in with a pencil so I'd have something to go from.

After that I just used a simple outline stitch, and that was it, really. I got all 3 done in 3 days, it took about 1-1.5 per handkerchief. (Here's a good tutorial on stitches, the one I used for these was an outline stitch).

Anyway, here's the one I made for Ryan's grandpa:

And I made 2 of this one, one for Ryan's dad and one for my dad.

I am thrilled with how they turned out. They are not perfect, but I love that they don't look machine stitched, they look handmaid. I hope the dads and grandpa like them as much as I do!

Also I really miss having these to work on already...anyone need any embroidery done? I can really only do the cross stitch and outline stitch!

Does your dad carry a handkerchief?


  1. your wedding has so many personal touches...i just love that! you are so talented!

  2. Those are so adorable! What a great way to incorporate your colors and add a meaningful touch at the same time. I love it!

  3. so sweet! i agree - i love how your hand has been such an integral part of everything, from flowers to garters, bridesmaid gifts to handkerchiefs - you are a rockstar my dear! can't wait to see it all come together.

  4. What a special treat for them! My dad doesn’t carry a handkerchief, but I’m on the hunt for lace hankies for my bridesmaids and I.

  5. I'm doing hankerchiefs as parent's gifts too. But there is no WAY I'd be able to do that myself... *runs to Etsy*

    You did such a great job!

  6. They are so lovely. Love all the little DIY details. Amazing

  7. I have to say I almost shed a tear when I saw these, unfortunately no grandpas at our wedding but I could make them for the dads. so lovely. x


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