Friday, April 9, 2010

Addressing the envelopes

So Ryan and I have been discussing envelopes lately. Exciting, no? We found some aqua ones we dig that I need to order, and I mentioned that there were some cute red oval printable labels on Paper Source that we could use. Following is the approximate conversation that ensued:

Me: So Paper Source has these red oval printable labels we could use for the envelopes, they'd be like $20. They have cuter ones but they are stupid expensive.

Ryan: Do we really need labels? You could spend that $20 shopping on our honeymoon (OK I totally added that sentence). I mean, why don't we just hand write the addresses on there?

Me: Long Pause. We can't afford calligraphy, that's like $2 an envelope.

Ryan: No, I'm saying we can write the addresses on there.

This is when I noticed a huge problem. Having been immersed in blogland since day 1 of wedding planning, it had never occurred to me until that exact moment that you could actually hand write addresses on to envelopes yourself without teaching yourself calligraphy.

I know. Ridiculous. I was too embarrassed to say that to Ryan, because really....that had never occurred to me. That's embarrassing.

So, I'm going to sweet talk my sister/maid of honor Alli into handwriting some addresses for me, because her handwriting is lovely, and I'm going to do my best to write addresses as neatly as possible. My handwriting is passable if I slow it down.

There's our game plan...handwriting. And it'll be just fine....and free.

How are you addressing your envelopes? Have you had any crazy moments like I did?


  1. I handwrote our envelopes for our save-the-dates. I would have loved to have pretty caligraphy but I got over it. Handwriting makes it personal, people could care less how fancy their envelope is, and like you said, it's free!

  2. Good choice!!!!! I read once that if you analyze how you feel when you receive stuff in the mail, it's funny how excited you get when something is hand-written :)

    and how annoyed or nervous you are when you see the window-envelope

    and how anything in a semi-nice envelope with a printed address makes you think mass-mailing and un-special. (although cute labels probably cancel that out)

  3. It's funny how nobody ever mentions you can self-addressing envelopes.

    I think a lot of people automatically discard the idea because they don't have calligraphic handwriting.

    But I think self-written addresses are the best!!!!!!

  4. That definitely would have been my choice if my handwriting was decent -- but it isn't. We ran our envelopes through the printer at home using a very nice font we downloaded for free. It's not as personal as handwritten but it definitely got the job done!

  5. I’m glad you decided to do it that way, and I agree there’s no need to go to a lot of expense. We printed clear labels on the computer using a script font. They were definitely not fancy or expensive.

  6. I'm going to ask my mommy to do it! lol

  7. I was too lazy to hand address them and ended up doing printed labels - which probably took twice as long as if I had just written them myself! Ha.

    For our save the dates I made poor Mr B handwrite them all. He has the best handwriting.

  8. We were just talking about how we're going to do this! I had thought about handwriting them too...let me know how they turn out!

  9. I'm going to hand addressing the save the dates, and am thinking about doing the same for the invites.

  10. That's super cute :) I would suck at handwriting them. I used a font called BlackJack which sort of looks like handwriting and created DIY envelope wrap labels. I loved them!

  11. I agree! Save your money! And it is more personal that way!

    PS I am enjoying following your blog and would love if you could follow mine too. I am a brand new blogger.

  12. I think I'll end up doing labels... but only because I can order them through work ;) Hehehe.

  13. I went to, and found something fabulous to download and install (they have every stinkin' font you can think of - think typography from Dr. Gonders. uggh.). Then I measured the envelopes and made a custom-sized document in Microsoft Word, and printed them on our color printer. Way eaiser and faster than doing them by hand.


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