Friday, April 23, 2010


Since I did the bouquets on my own (they are DONE you all, I cannot WAIT to show them to you!) and Ryan has an extreme dislike of boutonnieres (yes, wedding planning has taught me how to spell that word...we've obviously been engaged for too long), it didn't make much sense to employ a florist for a few corsages, one for Ryan's mom, one for my mom, and one for my grandma. Oh and one for my mom's best friend who is mom #2. So I decided to make them. This was actually one of the very first wedding decisions I stuck to and I never once changed my mind, which I find impressive considering my track record.

Anyway, I made the 4 corsages out of organza flowers. I did a tutorial of them here. I also used these flowers in my toss bouquet.

I used pearl beads in the center because I figured they would match pretty much anything the ladies decide to wear. Here's my sister Allison modeling one:

She should skip grad school and go into hand modeling, what do you think?

Fuzzy close up:

I wanted to give the ladies options on how to wear them, so I bought pin backs from Hobby Lobby. They were in the beading aisle and were maybe $1 for 50 or so. I hot glued 2 ivory ribbons cut on a slant so they wouldn't fray on the back of the corsage and hot glued the pin back on top of that.

This way, the corsage can be worn pinned on a dress/jacket or tied on the wrist. I felt super clever until I realized that if they wear them on their wrist, the pin back might be annoying. I tried it on though and it didn't bother me, and Alli said it didn't bother her either so I'm going to go with "it works" on this one and leave it at that! I'm also going to equip the guest book attendants with scissors, so if the corsages are pinned on then the ribbons can be cut off.

Super cheap project, and I already had the flowers made, so it took 10 minutes for all 4! I think they are really pretty, too, and will make a nice keepsake.

Are you doing corsages for the ladies in your life?

Have a lovely weekend...Ryan's coming down tonight, my friend Melissa is coming over for dinner AND the printers just called and said the proof of the invites is ready!


  1. Gorgeous! We're doing floral corsages, but I absolutely love yours!

  2. Now THAT is a corsage I can get behind! And you have to show us the completed bouquets like nowwww!

  3. these are darling! something i might wear to special up a simple outfit for a night out on the town too - you continue to amaze with your craftyness!

  4. You are so crafty! I love these! :) Great idea!

  5. They are so pretty. I want one!


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