Monday, April 26, 2010

Threads Remembered Update!

Remember when I did that kick *ss giveaway a while back for my aunt and cousin's new company, Threads Remembered? Threads Remembered takes clothing and turns them in to pillows that make wonderful keep sakes. My fam is doing some pretty amazing things and they make killer ring bearer pillows, so go check them out!

Stephanie was the lucky winner, and she is kind enough to keep us posted as a favorite article of clothing is redone into a keepsake pillow!

Stephanie of The Life of a Husband and a Wife and I Do at the Zoo was the lucky winner, and she was kind enough to drop me a line telling me where she's at in the pillow-making process. Stephanie says:

I'm a HUGE slacker, what can I say?! I'm sorry...despite my less than stellar skills at actually picking an item, photographing said item (seriously, it's been hanging in my closet all picked out for about a month now) and packaging it up to mail off to Stacy's aunt and cousin...whew, I'm less than stellar at a lot, huh!?...I am UBER pumped about this prize!!!!!

After much deliberation with the hubby, we decided against the ideas of: my wedding gown, my mom's wedding gown, a Dallas Cowboy jersey, my baby blanket, an item of my mom's clothing...and we picked something that was sentimental just to us.

A classic Old Navy button up teal shirt of my hubby's from their late winter/early spring 2006 collection.

You see, we picked this item because it means so much to both of us. We hope to use it to decorate our future baby's nursery one day, but in the meantime the fabulous pocket pillow will live in our bedroom as a reminder of where we started.

I bought said shirt for hubby way back in January 2006. I was OBSESSED with that fabulous shade of aqua at the time and bought him a shirt and me a sweater to match. Yup. Be glad you weren't my boyfriend! What's even worse, we'd only been dating since September 2005. I'm an all in or all out kinda gal! My purchases were intentional so we could be matchy-matchy on our First Valentine's Day. Go ahead, gag some more, its ok...Our First Valetine's Day as an Official Couple getting ready to move from VA to IN on our own together was a trip to Philly to see my FAVE, the Piano Man himself, Billy Joel.

We drove up to Philly and had an amazingly romantic weekend together - despite our car breaking down and being towed to the closet Nissan dealership in NJ and despite the BLIZZARD that hit Philly that weekend. In all seriousness, we fell more in love that weekend and knew we'd get through anything together. We explored downtown, ate delicious food, walked around the zoo and aquarium and capped the weekend with Billy's concert. Its a memory that will never fade. So, we picked this shirt to be made into something we can both catch a glimpse of daily and remember our beginning.

Hubby's shirt is all packed up and has been dropped off at UPS en route to Stacy's fam who will be working their imaginations and sewing magic to create a one of a kind future family heirloom for moi.


And THANK YOU Stephanie for taking a moment out of your crazy busy life to keep us posted...I know I am excited to see how it turns out! And be sure to go over and say hi to Stephanie at The Life of a Husband and a Wife. And she even took the time to put a nice people like that, don't you? Stephanie I think the world needs more of you!

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