Monday, April 5, 2010

Cold Feet?

As the wedding gets closer and closer (shout out to Bowie Bride, she's a week after me!), more people are asking me if I'm getting nervous.

I'm not nervous though, not a bit. If we run out of beer (God forbid) there's a discount liquor store down the street. If someone doesn't like something....too bad. If people get lost with the aid of the directions and map that we're providing, not my problem. If there aren't enough seats in the church, the pastor can add chairs in the vestibule. I'm just not nervous about this stuff, I'm not under the impression in any way that it's going to be a "perfect" day. I'm sure we'll think it's perfect no matter what happens.

Because we're getting married. This has been quite the revelation lately! We're getting married and I am not in the least bit nervous about it. The vows and the commitment part, what Ryan and I will be promising each nerves there.

Have you gotten this question yet, and if so, what do you say? Are you nervous?


  1. I’ve gotten that question, but I’m not nervous at all! We’re staying really organized and are so excited to finally get married!

  2. I love that you said "if we run out of beer" because its probably the only thing we're nervous about!! You can't buy hard liquor in my county on a Sunday and all alcohol must be bought before 9. My father and I just had the "how many cases do we need" talk last night!

    The only thing I'm nervous about is breaking my leg or something crazy the day before. The most comfortable thing about it all is knowing that I get to marry Pete!

  3. I get this question, too! And I'll admit, I am nervous about hosting an event for 200 people. But that's just my personality...I'd get nervous hosting a dinner party for 10 people. I'm nervous because I have 6 weeks and holy F*CK am I busy (we're moving and I'm slowly losing my mind). But for the marriage? No, not a bit. I'm so excited to finally call Josh my husband :)

  4. All the time! I am getting tired of it actually. I usually usually say no.

  5. omg...sooo many people asked, but I felt the same way you did. All the details will work themselves out...and if they don't, then the don't.

    I would always respond, "I can't wait...I'm so freaking excited to marry the man of my dreams!"

  6. I haven't, but not sure that we will. I think people will ask how we're doing and if we're excited, but not about the cold feet thing. We've already lived together for 2 years, so I can't imagine cold feet would be a topic for discussion. Who knows!

  7. The question I got a lot was "are you excited?" when really after planning and stressing for months I was just excited it was going to be over. Isn't that awful


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