Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running2Win Log of the Day

I post my daily runs on a fabulous website. It's free, and it's a great way to track progress. It will even tell you when your shoes are worn out. Which mine are, by the way, I need to order a new pair.

You probably don't care about my daily runs, so once a week I'll post on here what I post in my running2win log. I am just staying in shape, I'm not training for anything in particular. I am on a 3-week rotation, so I have 2 normal weeks and then 1 easy week. I'm on my easy week this week. My wonderful fiance makes my schedule for me (I am so spoiled).

"Ran 2 miles with Allison (my sister and maid of honor) and Henry (my dog). It was about to storm so it was humid. We did the Capaha loop twice. My shins hurt, I have to get better about rolling them out. We did 9 minute miles. Henry was being a booger. 2 miles in 18 minutes."

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