Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The More the Merrier

This is my new motto for our wedding!

Ryan and I spent the last 2 nights working on our guest list. Between the 2 of us, and including absolutely everyone we wanted, we came up with 339 people.

We both have an A List and a B List, and the 339 includes both Ryan's and mine A and B List. I feel kind of terrible having a B List, but the reality is, there are people we very well might grow apart from in the next year.

I'm thinking that at least 30-35 of my family list of 100ish are not going to show. My extended family isn't very close, and they are very spread out, so I doubt many will be making the trip. I've always had a very small group of friends/close family members, so I won't be crushed if some can't make it.

Anyway, if we invite absolutely everyone on our lists, I am sure that at least 39 will not show, and we will therefore be right at the number we need to be at-300. We'll probably budget the reception for 300 people.

Putting the guest list together was really, really tough. Ryan felt like he had to defend the people on his list, and I felt like the number was so high that I couldn't add anyone. We talked lots about it, and we are both happy with the number we came up with. I am glad it's over! I knew going into it that the guest list was going to be difficult, and I was right. I was a big part of the problem, to be totally honest. A mean, nasty little part of me was having a rough time giving up my vision of a small, intimate affair. Having his whole family there is so important to Ryan, that I just had to get over it.

You know what I'm looking forward to doing with all of these wonderful people who are going to be there to support us? We can take a picture like the fabulous one from the end of "The Shining!"


What did you think was going to be the hardest thing about planning your wedding? How big/small is your guest list?

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  1. Just remember this: "The More the More Expensive"! I'm finding this out. Not only does it cost more for food, it is more for cake, more for favors, more for invitations, etc etc! We are inviting about 260 - and warning, the guest list continues to grow! But then again, I wouldn't have it any other way. Having everyone there was most important to us!


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