Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Just Isn't Enough

I am a collector.

I like to have lots of books around.

I really like antique mirrors. The smokier the glass, the better. One wall in my living room is covered in about 10 antique mirrors.

You can see my dog on the couch behind me. He's so cute!

I also like to collect shoes. Wearable art. I love them.

I recently started a new collection - creepy religious art. It's heavy on Jesus right now, but I plan on expanding.

This gem is a holographic Jesus. Yes, a holographic Jesus. I managed to get a picture of both sides of the holograph. The first one is Jesus at the last supper, and the other holograph is Jesus with lambs. Check out this first picture - Jesus' head from the other holograph is watching over the last supper. So creepy, I love it. It was on the expensive side at $10, but I couldn't pass it up.

I just picked this up last weekend with my mom and my sister Allison. I'm giving the credit here to my mom, because she spotted it. It's a picture of Jesus with these disembodied hands reaching for him. It is appropriately disturbing. It cost a mere 50 cents. Sorry the picture is on the fuzzy side, I did my best.

This last one is a fan with Jesus on it. Jesus isn't so much the creepy one, but check out that lamb. Scary.

There is a 3D Virgin Mary at an antique store in town right now, but she's on the pricey side at $15. My limit is $10 per piece for this collection. Ryan says that when we move in together this collection must be put in an unseen place. I suggested the bathroom, but he said no.

What do you collect? Anything odd?


  1. I collect pink depression glass. I also like the vintage look. I have antiques in thre front of my house (living room and dining room), but more casual, slightly country in the kitchen and family room. I love dishes and have more than I can display. I amworking on getting a piece to display my grandmother's demi-tasse teacup collection.

  2. Oh, what kind of a piece are you looking for to display the teacups? I've seen them and they are gorgeous. I collected teacups, but I've put most of them away. I love depression glass too, and the pink is my favorite!

  3. I fluctuate between corner cabinets to put in my living room, or Barrister bookcases to put in the family room. I kind of like the idea of the long shelves with glass one else seems to get this idea though. I may be all wet!
    If I find bookcases, I have to move the china cabinet which I need to display my great grandmother's china. The question will be...where to go with that?


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