Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My BFF Martha...Again

I KNOW, more Martha. It's getting ridiculous...but she now has an invitation line with Crane's stationary. *Sheepish shrug.* Bear with me here, these are so pretty it's worth it!

This is the Flourish invitation suite. I think it is gorgeous. For 300 invites, it will cost $586, just for the invitations and envelopes. It looks like you have to pay extra for the response cards, save the dates, and at home cards. They all match, though. This is the weird thing--I was trying to figure out how much the extra stuff cost, so I clicked on the personalize button, and at the top it said the price subtotal was $754. What?! Do they charge you to personalize it? And if so, why is it never mentioned? How much do the extras cost? So many questions, Crane Stationary!

This is the Cartouche Aqua suite.

This one costs $610 for 300 invitations and envelopes. This suite did the same thing when I hit the personalize button, but the price subtotal was $850! What is that?!

Ryan and I haven't budgeted for invitations yet, but I have a feeling these will not be fitting into whatever budget we do come up with. I also contacted a stationer who works out of their home, and the rough price quote she gave me was $600-800 for 100 invitations. I guess this will be a DIY route for us!

On another note, Kate Spade also does an invitation line for Crane's, too.

Aren't they pretty? I love that green.

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