Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going the Distance

Running has played a huge part in Ryan and I's relationship. I met him at a cross country meet (he coached my youngest sister). When we first started dating, he whipped my butt into shape on runs with me. He helped me train for and ran a half marathon with me, and brought me in almost 7 minutes under my goal time. He paces me for 5ks. We cheer on my sister's high school cross country and track team together. I would bike with him on his long runs when he trained for Boston. He proposed at the start line of the Boston marathon. Running has been and will be a major part of Ryan and I's life together, especially since Ryan is pursuing work in the distance running coaching field.

I really want to incorporate running into our wedding somehow, but I don't want it to be cheesy. I was thinking about taking some of our engagement pictures (which Ryan cannot see the point of) with us on a run together, or...something? I have few ideas on this one. Maybe we could name the tables after famous marathons? Or put something in the vows about us "running the marathon/race of life together."

Some of Ryan's athletes will (hopefully, we haven't formally asked them yet since we haven't set a date) act as ushers, and if Ryan is coaching a team when we get married, all of his athletes will be invited. We've talked about inviting some of the runners and their parents from my little sister's cross country team, as they really watched our relationship develop and are all around great people. So there's some incorporation of running, but I don't think it's enough.

Any ideas?

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