Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha

I find it really odd that I have found the majority of my wedding reception centerpiece ideas from Martha Stewart. I guess I had the misconception that anything on her website would come with a hefty price tag. How wrong I was....

I love trees. I gravitate toward leaf and branch motifs in jewlery, and I love stark, black and white pictures of trees in the middle of fields. I think that exposed roots are gorgeous. Maybe that's why I like these centerpieces so much. How cheap would these be! The branches I could pick up in my yard or at my uncle's farm, and then spray paint them whatever color I want. There are directions on Martha's website for how to make the little flower blossoms on the branches, and they can be made of paper. The vases they are in wouldn't be bad either, as I am an avid thrift shopper and could easily pick up ceramic vases and then spray paint them to match. Plus, the different shapes of the vases would make it look more eclectic.

I haven't even priced floral centerpieces, because I am 99.9% positive that I will not be willing to pay the price for them. I am not opposed to making floral centerpieces myself, but fresh flowers are expensive, and I am not a fan of silk flowers. My only concerns with the branch centerpieces:

1. Will our guests be able to see each other through these? You couldn't really go much taller without sinking some serious money into vases, but you couldn't really go shorter either.

2. Will I be able to find enough vases that are sturdy enough to hold the branches up?

3. How do I go about transporting these?

I also looovveee these, but they are cost prohibitive. That's ok, I like the branch ones better.


I found the candle sticks on CB2's website. They are on sale, and cost between $3.95-$7.95, not including shipping. That just doesn't fit in my budget, when you think about how many you would need per table. Once again, I am just as happy with the branch centerpieces.

While these won't be the main centerpieces, I think they'll be good as decorative filler:


These would also be cheap. I'm sure I could find some small votive holders online or thrift store shop for them. I like an unmatched, eclectic look anyway, so if they aren't all exactly the same, no biggie. As long as I keep them all in clear glass, they will look cohesive.

I also am intrigued by these, maybe because I have a thing for useless kitchen items of days gone by. This has champagne flutes (pretty useless in my world, at least) and cake stands (not quite as useless to me, as I just used one for a cake for my mom for mother's day, but in the grand scheme of things, pretty useless). I adore cake stands. I think you could fill these with a variety of things, too. These would be easy to find in thrift stores. Have I mentioned how much I love vintage stuff? It makes me happy, and I would love to have it at my wedding.


Besides my love of vintage things, I love topiaries. I need to price these at a garden supply store. The buckets to put them in wouldn't be expensive, and you could spray paint them to match each other.


I got all of these centerpiece ideas from one Martha Stewart article. Seriously? One article. That just saved me a crazy amount of time, because I am simply going to stop looking now! I am super indecisive, and the more options there are, the more overwhelmed I get. So I am going to stop, and Ryan and I can choose from these options. I've already mentioned the branch idea to him, and he really liked it.

It's not necessarily a centerpiece idea, but I think it would be a pretty/cheap/easy thing to do on the tables at the reception. Martha strikes again!


What are you doing for your centerpieces?

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