Thursday, October 1, 2009


So at this wedding Ryan was the best man for recently, he really liked their photo guest book...filled with engagement pictures. Here is our approximate (my memory kinda sucks, so this is the general idea, not our exact words) conversation:

Ryan: I really like that photo guest book, we should do it for our wedding.

Me: It's filled with engagement pictures, if we do that we need to get engagement pictures taken.

Ryan: Oh. *long pause* Well, we can do them but I'm not paying for them.

Me: Yay! My friend Austin will take them and it will be free!

So, we're getting engagement pictures taken!!!!

This is kind of what I want.

I mean, a park bench...Forest cute!

Love this.

Trees! Pretty leaves...hopefully Ryan and I can do this while the leaves are changing, but his schedule is so tight it might not happen. Plus, we're doing these in my hometown because that's where Austin lives and its tough for Ryan to get down here.

I love the candid shots. All of these images are courtesy of our wedding photographer, Gail Fleming.

Are you having engagement pictures taken? Please share!


  1. This will probably go down in my books as one of the things that I will regret about our wedding planning process. Our photographer's package included an e-session, and we were all excited to do it...but then time slipped away. There we were 6 weeks before our wedding...oh well. No time now. At least our photographer was willing to trade that session for extra time on the wedding day!

  2. We had engagement pictures taken (can check them out here: we are both very glad we did. For one, now we know what it feels like to have a photog snapping at you for a few hours, and we became more comfortable with this as time went on. Secondly, I think we got a better sense of what we like and don't like in terms of photos, which has helped in picking our wedding photographer. Thirdly, we had a lot of fun that day! We got a pretty good deal on our e-photos but sounds like your deal is unbeatable! Enjoy the experience!

  3. We decided e-pics wouldn't fit into our budget, but I am still secretly hoping we can do them at some point. I'd want to use them in the guest book as well.

    We did try some DIY photos that came out pretty well (


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