Thursday, October 15, 2009

Centerpieces Revisited

I wasn't happy with the last centerpiece mock-up we did, so Alli and I revisited it.

We put 2 branches instead of just one, and added some paper flowers we punched out.

I am much happier with the fullness of the branches, and I think the flowers need to be double sided.

Ryan had a really good idea that we need to do a mock-up of and see how it goes. Here's the closest pic I could find.


Think this with our milk glass vases with a small cluster of flowers at the bottom and sticks shooting out of the flowers, more straight up and down than this picture....and much less big.

He also thinks that an oversized napkin in aqua would be nice for the vases to sit on, and then maybe we can get red napkins from our caterer. We're going to a fabric store in St. Louis this weekend to see what's out there.

Anyway, I am reaching the point where I am sick and tired of talking about centerpieces. I kind of don't care anymore, as long as we have freaking centerpieces!

So, as soon as we do a mock-up of these, you all will be among the first to know...

Did you have any wedding projects that you were thoroughly sick of but drug themselves out?


  1. Heheheh. I think I end up feeling this way about EVERY project (minus wedding dress)! I need to become more patient.

  2. Ohh, can't wait to see the mock up! I got SOOOO burnt out on making my STDs, and I just finished making 100 napkin rings, my poor glue gun burnt fingers hate me now!

  3. Napkins are not terribly expensive to rent. Check out BBJ Linens - I've used them quite a bit. Depending on the fabric choice, napkins are like $1-$2 to rent.

  4. I think that you're right, and the new trial looks much better fuller. I like the idea of doing flowers at the bottom and then those sticks and flowers coming out - VERY nice.

    I agree that napkins are expensive to rent. If you have time and small sewing skills, you could make your own? A la Miss Beagle???


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