Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog Award

Many thanks to Chocolate Lover for passing this on to me...

And now to pass it on to 10 lovely ladies who's stories I love following (in no particular order):

Ladies, pass this on to 10 other bloggers and list 10 things interesting things about yourselves!

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And now I have to post 10 interesting things about myself, which is unfortunate because I am not particularly I called Ryan and he generously came up with 10 interesting things about me. He actually came up with more than 10 (he's a good man). Here's Ryan's list:

1. Stacy likes to shop, if one would let her, she would buy a pair of shoes a day.

2. Stacy wants to envoke in religious studies for her Master's, even though it has nothing to do with her undergraduate degree or career ambitions.

3. Stacy wants to be touched by the people (or dogs) she loves. ALL THE TIME.

4. Stacy loves schnauzers. She likes them a lot, probably more than people.

5. Stacy is a runner and pretty decent at it (even though she claims to be slow).

6. Stacy likes to read. She would rather have a good book than any amount of TV.

7. Stacy is going to marry the most awesome man alive. A total baller.

8. Stacy, interestingly, is one of the least interesting people ever. Interesting because she is now very boring and yet apparently used to have wild times before I met her.

9. Stacy love carbohydrates. And eats stupid amounts of them.

10. Stacy urinates a lot. More than the average male dog on a walk in
a new place.

11. Stacy is going to run a marathon someday.

12. Stacy loves the gays. I dunno, but she really likes to hang out with gay men.

13. Stacy is a sleeper. Naps everyday please!

14. Stacy is drunk off 2 glasses of wine. Terrible lightweight.

Thanks babe! And thank you again to Chocolate are such a good friend, I hope we can meet in person someday!


  1. Love this list! You have a good man! And what a great idea to ask him to do this!

  2. Your hubby is so funny! I like how he slipped in #7. ;)

  3. Thanks for the award! I love that you had Ryan make the list!

  4. Aww thanks! I just saw this. And I love how you had your guy do the list!


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