Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Les Talons Haut

I was a French minor in college, but I still had to look up how to say "high heels" in French. I love that it's "les talons!"

Anyway, shoe wise....I need to get on it. I don't want to be stuck with a ton of stuff to buy 2 months before the wedding. It takes the edge off if you spread it around!

I am still in love with these that Ryan found.

Unfortunately, they don't come in red. I like them so much that I am willing to sacrifice the red shoes and wear ivory ones...but these don't come in ivory. Annoying. Also, they are $150....and the heel is 4.25 inches. What the hell? I mean, who can walk in 4.25 inch heels? That is ridiculous designers! Stop it, immediately. It is unnecessary.

Moving on! Unless these shoes show up in red, I have to find something else.

Right now, I am leaning towards these....


I know I would wear these again, and I think some vintage shoe clips would look really chic on these. Like these:

They're only $69, which I think is a good price for shoes I would wear again. The shoe clips are $30...which I guess makes them more like $90 shoes?

Also liking these, although I'm more of a flower-on-the-toe girl than a bow-on-the-toe girl. I'm not picky or anything, right? These are on sale for $66.

Those freakishly gorgeous Badgley Mischka white satin shoes have ruined me....I don't know if I'll be happy unless I have those, in red. Guess who doesn't make red shoes? Badgley Mischka. I've seen the same shoe in cranberry, but we're going for more a lipstick/cherry red.

Anyway, I need to work on this....I think they'd make a great Christmas or Birthday present, don't you?

Anyone have more red shoes options for me? I've searched Endless, Zappos and Heels...I don't know where else to go!


  1. Ok, those shoe clips are FAB and sent me on a crazy trip that I will be posting about shortly, LOL.

    I still love the first shoes too :( Perhaps you can dye them... if the site says the fabric type you might ask someone. Or were you the one who posted that they can't be dyed? I know that many white shoes can't because of the fabric type, unless they are dyeable specific. Maybe you could DIY that fancy poof and put on less expensive shoes??? LOL I am no help at all!

    -Miss Pug

  2. I'm not sure if these were exactly what you were looking for, but I just happened to see some red shoes at Target! (They're all only $22.99 too! Can't beat that!)

  3. I too love those first shoes! And that you want a colorful shoe! I was thinking about a teal shoe for myself. What about dying the shoes? I know theres a risk they won't turn out as you would like but perhaps you can test it out on a cheaper pair of shoes first? I do like the clips though. I am a zappos girl myself so unfortunately have no other suggestions for shoe hunting for you

  4. I loved your post...what is up with those stupid 4.25 inch heels? I also love that you are going with color - and red no less which is what I bought my own wedding shoes in! I browsed the net ridiculously but kept finding something close, but not *it*. I also worried about the comfort level of buying something online...though I buy lots online, when it comes to something I'm going to wear, I am always leary.

    So I finally gave up and started shopping my local malls, Nordstroms, Saks, etc. Guess what? I found several pairs of shoes in the red (and in a teal, Choco Lover) that I loved! And I was able to try them on and 'feel' them. I eventually went with a pair I found on clearance at Nordstrom's...will blog about this in the future. But I just want to suggest that you don't give up and try to spend some time out and about browsing shoe departments. You'll be surprised what you can find. And just think - the day after Thanksgiving sales are just around the corner! (wink, wink)

  5. Those shoes are all so cute! Some other great places to try are:,,,,,,,, ebay, and (they have really great prices). Most of these sites let you search by color.

  6. Omg the white shoes are just soooo pretty! I do agree, 4.25" heels are pretty high. I think I'd give it a shot though! I think its possible that I don't feel my feet anymore after wearing heels so much...haha!

  7. Try the Nina shoe website. They have some great red options. Aldo had two or three as well. I'd opt for a pair that you can definitely wear again, that way you could spend a little more on them and know you'll get some use out of them!

    I occasionally get Zappos coupons - make sure you sign up for their e-mails so you get notices.

    And kudos to the red shoes (I'm a red shoe bride myself).

  8. I'm thinking of wearing red shoes myself - I did a post about shoes a couple of days ago with a link to my red shoes - I think you might like them.

  9. These red shoes are so lovely and only $17.99!! I already bought my wedding shoes but I want these now just because! What do you think?

    click here

    and here


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