Sunday, October 4, 2009

Guest Bookin' It

Ryan was the best man in a wedding recently, and they had a photo guest book using their engagement pictures.

Ryan loved the guest book idea, so that takes care of our guest book dilemma. Not that it was really a dilemma, but now we know what we're doing!


With regular pricing, depending on if we get a book jacket and exactly how many pages we'll end up with, this should cost us at the most $50 and at the least $30. Plus, they constantly send me coupons, so I'm sure we can do it for even cheaper than that.

I think it's a great price, and we'll leave lots of blank space for signatures and well wishes. At the wedding where we saw this, they had lots and lots of pages, so I think ours will be shorter.

Some decisions are so easy and just fall in to place.

What are you doing for your guest book? Does anyone have any experience with My Publisher or Blurb, I'd love to know which one is better.


  1. Did you see this free one from Shutterfly? I'm thinking of getting one of these.

  2. Hey, not sure if you've already ordered your book yet, but I wanted to share that I've had great results with Blurb.

    I started off making a photo book of pics I took of my niece as a birthday present for my sister, and it turned out gorgeous. My fiance and I just ordered a bunch of books of our engagement photos to give to our families as gifts, and we'll probably do the same with our wedding shots.

    I had used in the past to make a photo book, and been really disappointed with the quality, but not so with Blurb. The quality for the price is great - I highly recommend them!


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