Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Holy wedding nightmare you guys! I had an incredibly vivid wedding dream last night, and it was awful!

Ryan and I were some random church, not our own where we're getting married, and nothing was done. It was like we got married with the amount of stuff we have done now, with 9 months to go. There were no programs stating why we're getting married Unitarian Universalist, our vows weren't done....and there were a ton of little kids there. Baby strollers were parked in the main aisle, so I could hardly walk down it, and after I walked down the aisle once everyone wasn't ready yet so I had to turn around and do it again!

It was awful. I guess it shows what a control freak I am, that my wedding nightmares consist of a wedding where I can't control anything!

Have you guys had wedding nightmares? I would love to hear about them!


  1. I have had quite a few wedding nightmares. I actually have one that I was going to blog soon! But mine are very similar to yours. Basically I'm at the altar and everything is wrong. Kyle is standing on the wrong side of the altar, my hair isn't done, I have no veil, my bridesmaids never showed up. And in my most recent nightmare? Kyle gets into a fight with someone that is sitting in a pick up truck and pulls them out of the window of their truck (which Kyle is TOTALLY not the fighting type.. he is a geek!). My dream ends with me crying in a bathroom stall. Crazy... I know!

  2. I posted about my first bad wedding dream on my blog:
    I have some pretty weird dreams sometimes =)

  3. Im excited to hear more about your engagement photos...good luck with the shoot this weekend. And it sounds like you need a day of rest away from all things wedding.

  4. I haven't yet, but have heard about plenty of similar stories. Those kind of situations can play out all they want in dreams, just as long as they don't get their gritty paws remotely close to reality! :)

  5. When I had them it was also always about only having the things done that I had finished up to that point. Like if I hadn't done it yet, it wasn't done at the wedding. But don't worry, even though I had like 3 or 4 of those dreams, everything went fine the day of. If something wasn't done I didn't even notice, and I was a control freak too!

  6. I recently have been dreaming about wedding disasters too. But the one dream that stands out the most was I was racing to my wedding, and nothing was done, and I was freaking out. But when I got there, I woke up (as in, I was dreaming in my dream), and realized I was a year early, so no wonder nothing was done. I then woke up for real, and couldn't go back to sleep for 2 hours because I had to go over my to do list over and over in my head! Wedding planning is making us all crazy ;)


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