Friday, October 23, 2009


Tuesday I did not have the greatest day work. You know those days, when you would rather be doing any other job than your own? It was one of those. To cheer myself up, I headed to a jewelery store in town to try to find a wedding band.

Ryan and I sat down a while ago and came up with a budget for my band together and worked it into the wedding budget. I went to the jewelery store where he got my engagement ring, because he was so impressed with the quality of their jewelery. Unfortunately, they had 3 rings within my price range, and they weren't even that close to what I wanted.

I want something small and delicate, and I don't want anything super blingy. I'm not a fan of the channel setting, and I didn't want a plain white gold band, either.

So, back to Tuesday. I headed to a jewelery store in town and gave the lady behind the counter a general idea of what I wanted. She had 2 rings to show me. 2! Luckily, another woman behind the counter had overheard what I was looking for, and she said she had a vintage piece in the back if I was interested.

Of course I was interested! I am a thrift shop antique store junky! My entire house is furnished in vintage and antique furniture. I would love a vintage piece.

She went to the back to get it out of the safe, and as soon I slid it onto my finger I was sold. The ring is way, way under the budget, and it's everything I was looking for and then some.

Without further adieu, my wedding band:

This picture gives you a better look at the etching on the ring:

I went in yesterday and put some money down on it. I can put down whatever I want how often I choose, and when it's paid for I can either pick it up or they'll hang on to it until the wedding. I'm going to wait a bit to get it resized....with the weather being colder, my fingers have shrunk quite a bit, and I'd like to be able to get this on my finger when it warms up again! Right now it's a size 6, and I need a size 5, so it isn't that far off. Putting down a little each month means that I can pay for this ring myself, and not take it out of the wedding budget! We added to our centerpieces (the carnations, table overlays and candles all had to be fit into the budget), so the money not spent on my wedding band can be spent on those things.

So, have you all gotten your wedding bands yet? Did you have a hard time finding them?


  1. You already KNOW that I'm obsessed with it!!!!!! Mine are in a file cabinet and I try them on whenever Mr P's not home. They're so cute and tiny, I love them! (Yes, 2 bands) -Miss Pug

  2. We bought Mr. Milk's wedding band a while ago because it was being discontinued and he really loved it. He isn't a high maintenance guy by any means but he wanted this particular ring quite badly! Was rather cute

  3. That ring is so beautiful, and really unique! Glad you found something that you love!

  4. BTW, the ring is gorgeous! Now I think we need a picture of it on your hand! :)

  5. pretty. I actually am not going to have a band. My ring is pretty big and I have long skinny fingers so as much as a band might compliment it well, I am just kind of one of those engagement/wedding ring girls. It's all rolled up in one - there's a pic of it over on my blog in the proposal story.

    We have also begun the search for Mr. Fixit's ring as well. We started 2 weeks ago and are going back to 3 places tomorrow to revisit the three contenders. Of course they are all over the place in budget...from the low end I was hoping for to the very high end that I budgeted as the max. Since he was so gracious with my ring I just have to let him get what he wants :)

    Btw, I totally get it with the sizing thing. My ring is slipping all over my fingers right now due to the cold and I am going to have to have it sized today I think :(

  6. That ring is beautiful. My engagement ring is antique. LOVE old style rings.

    So glad that lady overheard you guys talking. Sounds like it was meant to be!

  7. Love the detail on the wedding ring. The diamonds are so pretty, would love to see an image with thw wedding ring beside the engagement ring to get a complete view. So pretty.


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