Monday, June 14, 2010

My Bouquet

Yes, I am still harping about the bouquets.

My bouquet is different though than the bridesmaid's bouquets that you've already seen. The bridesmaid's bouquets have 16-18 flowers in them, and mine has 22, so it's bigger. Mine also has more pins, and small feathers are stuck in the top. Oh and mine has an aqua handle while the b-maids have ivory.

Ta da!

The big pin on the handle is my "something borrowed" from a dear friend of the family, Suzanne.

I could stare at these all day. So pretty. I am going to carry this around as much as humanly possible on July 24th.

What's your fav DIY project that you've done or seen?


  1. this turned out gorgeous!!! you have got some mad skills!

  2. That's beautiful! Nice work. Is the aqua handle the "something blue?"

  3. Lovely! That pin is so pretty!

    And your wedding date is my bday :o)

  4. It looks so pretty and unique! I also had a brooch pin on my bouquet as my something blue.

  5. oh my that came out gorgeous! the blue is the perfect shade and the broach is just the perfect embellishment - i can't wait to see you holding it!!

  6. Love it - you did such a good job!

  7. Looks great!! I love the blue handle!! How long did it take you to put them all together? I am still working on my bouquet and it feels like it's taking so long, but I only work on it here and there so I think that's my problem...I still need to start the BM bouquets too!!! Hoping it won't take as long since they will be smaller and less detailed.

  8. I'm obsessed. That is all.

    Ok no that's not all because I love this more than any "real flower" bouquet I've ever seen. The pins. Die. And by die I mean love :)

  9. I've seen lots of diy bouquets, ranging from the traditional flowers to brooches, to paper tissue flowers, and even use of feathers only. They all look beautiful!


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