Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our completed ceremony was sent off to our officiant this morning, and he replied with such kind words. He did mention that it would last 15 minutes at most the way we have it now.

I was aiming for 30 minutes. Hmmm.

We have to add to it. I'm going to ask the officiant to add some length to his homily, but that will buy us maybe 2-3 minutes max.

We aren't having any songs in the middle of the ceremony, and we aren't doing a unity candle or sand ceremony or anything. We have one reading that isn't very long.

Thankfully, Ryan has an idea.


  1. That will be a short ceremony! It's okay, though. Short & Sweet is best sometimes.

  2. do tell!? whats the idea? i was going to say add some music but it can be a bit of an awkward pause as you two just stand there with everyone staring at you for the duration of a song (i saw it first had last weekend)

  3. We had a short ceremony. No little sand/candle thingy, just one reading. And that was enough for us (of course we were standing out in the sun and it was HOT. But make sure you add stuff to your cermony that is meaningful, not just something to make it longer. I personally like 15 minute ceremonies. Sweet and to the point. It will turn into 25 min, etc with your processional, and seating of parents etc. Can't wait to see what Ryan's idea is! Love an involved groom!

  4. Now I'm curious!

    Much as I love candles and sand, I decided not to do these ceremonies either. The sentiment of the rose ceremony was just so much more meaningful when I read about it :) I just hope guests aren't reminded of the bachelor :S (Which I don't watch so it's fine for us).

  5. Hanging out for the idea...

  6. Ooooh, a cliffhanger . . .

  7. I personally don't like 10 or 15 minute long ceremonies...they sometimes seem too impersonal. You don't have to fluff it though just to stretch it either. I was aiming for 45 minutes total for both our ceremony (25 mins) and the video I played just before my walk down the aisle (20 mins). Our whole ceremony ended up at almost an hour! That was too long but it didn't necessarily seem like it.

    I can't wait to see what his idea is. But don't stress about it as long as everything you are hoping to include is there :)

  8. Hi Stacy! I am pretty sure I am re-living your dress shopping experience (UGH! Hope mine ends up with the same satisfaction though!) and I saw on my Google Reader subscription that you posted about your dress thoughts and I loved how it was summed up more so then any post on this blog, but the link was broken. Did you delete it because it was meant for another site? Could you share the link? I'd love to mention it in an upcoming post since it says it better than I could! Thanks!! :)


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