Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We can dance if we want to

Yesterday Ryan took one for the team and we had a dance lesson.

For all of you St. Louis brides, his name is George Denninger and you can find him here. He does private lessons for $50/hour and larger groups for a little bit more.

Anyway, we brought our music in and he listened to the first bit and showed us 4-5 different dances that would work with our music. We ended up choosing the foxtrot and he slowly broke the dance down for us. Within 30 minutes we were dancing around the room! It rocked. He taught us some pretty fancy getting-on-the-dance-floor moves which we ended up simplifying when we practiced at home later on that day. He was a really good teacher.

So yeah...Ryan's a better dancer than me. I apparently keep trying to lead. Having someone else 100% dictate the dance is weird though, and it's taking some getting used to.

We're going to try to go back before the wedding, but if not, it'll be fine. We have a little video of the dance to refresh our memories if need be, and I can't believe how much we learned in 1 hour!

I am so, so glad we did this...and that Ryan did this. It definitely wasn't his thing but he knew how much I wanted to do it. He is awesome.

Did you take dance lessons for your wedding? Are you glad you did?


  1. So fun! You're going to have a great first dance, even if you only have that one lesson. Josh and I really wanted to take lessons but with our schedules and the move it never worked out. We totally, 100% winged it. And truth be told, I think it showed. We didn't have a slow song, either. It was mid-tempo, so no 7th grade sway for us. It was kind of awkward, but oh well, we had a good time. Glad Ryan stepped up and took the lesson. I think in the end he'll be happy he did :)

  2. Mr. Milk and I did some ballroom dancing last year and I had such a tough time being lead! We are planning on taking a few classes for the wedding too. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Go Ryan!

  3. We didn't take fact, our very first time dancing together (for real dancing) was our first dance on our wedding day!

  4. We took salsa lessons when we first started dating for fun - this taught me how to follow (I was a dancer most of my life and love to lead). Although we never took lessons or practiced for the wedding, we do often put on music and dance in the kitchen while making dinner - that comfortableness really showed and we rocked the first dance. (which was more up tempo... and pete even included a lift!!)

  5. I always try to lead too! Glad it was fun. Mr B & I nearly killed each other at ours.

  6. I try to lead too. Yay Ryan for taking one for the team and doing the dance lessons.


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