Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making it Legit and Stuff

I figured I'd better take a peek into what needs to happen marriage license wise, because it would be just our luck to accidentally not legalize our marriage.

The City of St. Louis provided this helpful information:

$48 cash is required at the time of application

We need to bring a current ID and proof of social security numbers

$12 is needed for the certified copy which I need to change my name

After we apply, we have 30 days to have the ceremony done, and we can pick it up 3 days after the application is made.

How needlessly complicated is that? I'm going to have to be in St Louis with Ryan on a week day when neither one of us is working and pay an *sston of money. Yes, $60 is an *sston of money, especially for paper. And the scheduling is guaranteed to be a nightmare.

I would continue to complain, but I am humbled by the fact that we have the right to walk in there and obtain a marriage license at all. So I'll stop now and soak that in.

What did you have to do to get your marriage license?


  1. It's much easier in California (but just as expensive of course!). We just have to make an appt (no walk ins!) up to 90 days before the wedding and apply for the license. Proof of ID is needed, but not much other than that.

  2. We actually walked right in here in So appointment necessary. And we have a courthouse annex right near me that is smaller than the big main courthouse in the OC so I was able to get in and out with no real wait. :)

    My girlfriend is getting married up in central Cali this weekend and 2 weeks ago she hadn't even though about her license yet! I told her she better find out what the heck she needed to do since she was basically having a destination wedding 5 hours away from her home city!

  3. In Australia we can register our intent to marry up to 18 months in advance. We hit 18 months yesterday, so we have aaaages. Just have to go see our celebrant to fill out the form and she handles the rest :)

  4. We completed the paperwork on Monday, made it all feel real and so exciting. We didn't even need to go in to the registrar we could have mailed the forms but felt more like an occasion to go in together.

  5. Being in Oz like Miss C we let his Aunty handle it for us. We just had to show our birth certificates and sign some forms. Easy.


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