Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pros and Cons

Con: Our violinist has a busted collarbone. He will not be able to play at the wedding. The music was our wedding gift, we have not budgeted to pay for a ceremony musician.

Pro: We found out now, and not July 23rd.

Anyone know of a violinist who works for cheap in St. Louis and doesn't have a gig July 24th?


  1. Oh no! I hope you find a replacement and that the violinist's collarbone heals. Ouch.

  2. No, but just in case, a thing to consider: we can't afford a cellist, but we can afford an iPod. Therefore, Yo-Yo Ma will be our cellist. :)

  3. So not cool. Wish I knew someone that could help.

  4. That totally sucks. Um, does a violinist bust a collarbone? Strange.

  5. Maybe you could contact a local college or high school music dept and see if anyone would be interested in playing? If you're recording the wedding then you could offer them the video for their showreel?

    PS: oh and I linked to you in my bridal update post today. :)

  6. Oh nooo :( Hope you can find some one on the cheap!


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