Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello Goodbye!

Operation: Have as little of a break between the ceremony and reception as possible.

When there's a huge break between the ceremony and the's always a bit weird, especially if you're from out of town. The break between our ceremony and reception is 2 hours at most, and the reception hall will be open for our guests to go and relax if they choose. This means we have a small window of time between the ceremony and the reception to take pictures with our wedding party in Forest Park. We're taking as many pictures beforehand as possible with the families at the church pre-ceremony.

Long story short, since the time between the ceremony and reception is so small, doing the traditional receiving line after the ceremony means we would have maybe 30 minutes left for pictures, which definitely doesn't work. We thought about talking to people at the reception, but you really run the risk of not being able to talk to everyone, and some people might not be there, blah blah blah. Plus, the selfish side of me did not want to spend the party portion of the reception making small talk and not partying. I know, call me what you want in the comments, but I've been planning this wedding for over a year and I want to party.

After much deliberation, Ryan and I have decided to have our receiving line before the ceremony at the church. We're going to talk to people as they walk in, before they reach the guest book.

It'll be just Ryan and I; the bridal party and our parents can talk and mingle as they so choose. We'll start greeting people around 4:15, and since the ceremony starts at 5, there's a definite cap on this. Since the ceremony will start promptly at 5, we'll just talk to who we can talk to before then and then retreat around 4:50 or so to get ready for the aisle walk. This way the receiving line can't possibly run on for forever, since we have a ceremony to start.

Quick aside. We are seeing each other before the ceremony, as I'm sure you've deduced. I haven't been hiding pictures of me in my wedding dress from Ryan, and we're getting lots of pictures done before the ceremony together. When we first started wedding planning, I was planning on keeping the first look for the aisle walk, but then I read into the tradition behind it (there's a super brief overview of the tradition here), and we decided that the tradition did not hold a lot of meaning for us.

Ryan mentioned last night that we need to come up with a quick, polite line when people inevitably ask us "But you're seeing each other before the ceremony, isn't that bad luck!?". I suggested something that involved an obscenity, and Ryan suggested something along the lines of "Shut up and go sit down." Obviously neither will work (though I will use the obscenity with my friends), so do you all have any suggestions?

What are you doing for your receiving line?


  1. Well, my response to the 'luck' comments comes from my faith. As a Christian, I believe everything happens for a reason or purpose and that nothing is simply a coincidence or by chance. Therefore, whenever someone says anything to me about good luck, bad luck or wishing us good response is *always* "I'm a Christian...I don't believe in luck!" :)

    You don't have to make it faith based if that doesn't mean anything to you...just tell them that you don't believe in luck, you have faith in your love :)

  2. We are seeing each other before the ceremony just makes sense logistics wise!

    Who cares what people say...I don't know anyone who doesn't do the "first look" these days!

  3. Great idea to have a limited receiving line before the ceremony!

    We're having a casual light lunch on the patio with our guests before the ceremony so we'll have time with them then.

    We have several hours after the ceremony before dinner so we're going to have lots of time to talk with everyone before it's time to party. Normally I don't like the down time between the ceremony and reception, usually because nothing is scheduled. We're going to encourage people to sit outside, walk around the lake, play lawn games, visit with family old and new ~ in that way it's more similar to a family reunion. Hope it works as well in real life as it does in my head!

  4. Hmmm. The church where we're having the ceremony is only about 10 minutes away from where we're having the reception. We're going to do a lot of family photos beforehand, but do the bridal party and individual shots in between the ceremony and reception. Himself and the boys will be greeting people as they enter the church, but we'll do a more formal receiving line with just us and our parents as people are leaving the church.

    A friend of mine didn't have a receiving line and they went around to tables at the reception, but she was really upset that she didn't get out on the dance floor until the party was more than halfway over. Ain't gonna happen with me!!

    From the time the last person leaves the receiving line to the time the cocktail hour starts, I don't want there to be more than an hour. It's going to be really hot outside, and I want the evening to flow from the ceremony right into the party, without a whole lot of down time.

  5. I went to a wedding once where, after the ceremony, we were asked to stay in our seats. The bride and groom made their way down the aisle stopping at each pew to talk to everyone, one at a time. I *really* liked that. I think that may be what we end up doing.

  6. Luck? I kind of think that being in a relationship is all about communicating with each other rather than luck? I think talking it through with Ryan and figuring out that this is the best option for you both sounds like a brilliant approach to your wedding and your marriage.

    We're not doing a receiving line - point blank refusing. My Mum is not best pleased humph!

  7. You could say - we don't need luck - we have love. Or maybe that's a bit cheesy? best I could come up with on the spot!

  8. We're not doing a recieving line. But we are taking our posed pictures before the ceremony. I've heard lots of the bad luck comments too.


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