Friday, June 11, 2010


Tomorrow is my bachelorette party, and I am so, so excited! Ryan's spending the weekend at the lake with the guys and I'm going to be cutting a rug up in St Louis with some of my favorite ladies.

Tonight I'm thinking a leisurely evening of experimentation in front of my sewing machine. I promised my sister Alli a case for Kindle, and I want to give this tutorial a shot. I also promised my buddy Melissa a garter for her wedding in November, and I have some ideas I want to try out.

Sunday, I have nothing on the books, so the house will be cleaned and I'm going to try out a new Unitarian worship service in my hometown. And if I get lazy tonight all of the sewing projects will be moved to Sunday. And I want to antique for some vintage rhinestone earrings for the wedding. Now that I'm wearing my hair down, the post earrings I have won't work. This puzzled Ryan, that earring plans had to change when it turned out I could wear my down.

Monday I am going to harass you ONE LAST TIME about bouquets, I finished mine and it is different from the b-maids and I am of course way too proud of it. I'll also have some pics of the bachelorette extravaganza!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Not much this weekend...UFC fight night with friends tomorrow and just doing laundry and being lazy on Sunday! :) But Tuesday we are going to the Tonight Show to see Robert Pattinson from not my thing but I had a couple friends beg me to take them. :)

    YOU will have a fabulous weekend...enjoy it all...soak it in...let yourself be goofy and spoiled!

  2. Oh have the BEST time at your bach party!! Be sure to take lots of pics :)

    I'm spending the weekend with my best friend whose wedding I'm in next year. We're trying on BM dresses for me (and possibly wedding dresses for her) tomorrow! Fun fun!

  3. Have a fantastic hen do.

    This weekend I'm helping my friend prepare for a job interview next week and watching football (soccer) with my boy.


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