Monday, June 7, 2010

What's on the menu

Friday Ryan and I met with our caterer, Beth.

She's super easy going, and she's taking care of so much more than I thought she would! We're doing the linens through her at $2.25/table cloth, she's going to set out snacks we're providing for the cocktail hour, she's getting us liquor info/pricing (which we're doing on our own, so it really isn't her job/problem), she's setting out the cakes for us and she gave us some great ideas on how much alcohol to purchase.

Here's the menu (buffet style, $12.50/head):

Chicken parmesan
Oven browned potatoes
Green beans
Baby carrots with dill
Rolls and butter
Salad with house dressing
Iced tea, lemonade, water

All of this on real dishes and with real silverware. That was quite the revelation with wedding planning-a caterer's price often does NOT include silverware and plates. Ouch. She has this thing where she thinks people should always eat off of real plates. I'm with her.

This was Friday that we figured all this out on. Sunday morning Ryan has a voicemail from her with a message saying that her distributor messed up and she has a chicken surplus. If we pay a deposit today, she can cut 10% off our total bill. So Ryan ran a check down to her today and now we're saving 10%!

I feel very lucky that we found Beth. Not many caterers would pass savings on like that, or work with us the way she is. For kids, she's leaving it up to use to determine how much they'll eat, so most of the little kids are eating 2 for the price of 1. She's definitely going above and beyond and her food is SO GOOD. I ate at her restaurant with Ryan's family a few months ago and she makes Italian soul food. Our guests will not have to suffer through the dreaded "wedding food."

What are you doing food-wise at your wedding?


  1. Yummmyyyy! I have no idea what "mostaccoli" is, but I'm sure it's something delicious :) And dude, the discount?! SCORE!!

  2. Discounts, especially unexpected discounts, are AWESOME!

    And the menu sounds super tasty!

  3. wow...sounds like you totally lucked out with a caterer...ours was awesome too...but its crazy how those "extra" expenses add up~

  4. She sounds perfect and a BARGAIN! Wish we could have found someone like that to cater our wedding.

    What is Mostaccoli?

  5. Hahahaha, this is it a St. Louis Italian thing? Think spagetti with a thicker, smokier sauce and rigatoni noodles. Many times it is topped with provel or motz cheese. Just a pasta with red sauce......

  6. Made me really hungry reading this! Sounds fantastic.


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