Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bunions, and Why It's Time to Get Married

It's time to get married.

How do I know?

Ryan asks how my bunion is doing.

(DO NOT google bunions to try to find a picture of them. Serious ew. Trust me on this.)

Ryan knows so much about feet. He's been working at a specialty running store since last August, and he knows when people are wearing the wrong shoes, which shoes they should be wearing, and all kinds of other super detailed stuff. We'll be out at the grocery store or something and he'll nudge me and whisper "See that guy over there? He's over-pronating. He should be wearing XXXX shoes."

So of course he's glanced at my feet before, and a while ago he noticed that my left big toe was pointing just a little towards the other toes on that foot, and not straight ahead. I'm growing a bunion, it's super sexy.

But he didn't just notice it, comment on it, and leave it, oh no. When he was down for the weekend he casually asked "how's your bunion doing?"

It's like a starter bunion, you'd have to know what you were looking for to notice this thing. So it's not like it hurts or anything, he just wants to stay updated on the progress of my weird toe.

And every time he asks how my bunion is doing (it's just fine, thanks) he comments on my finger toes. My toes are super long. He also likes to tell me that I'd be a whole shoe size smaller if my toes weren't so abnormally long. He's not at all mean about any of this, he talks about my weird feet like we're discussing the weather or something.

Time to get married? I think once you casually ask your future spouse how their slightly deformed/odd foot is doing, it's definitely time.

Anyone want to share something odd/funny about their partner?


  1. omg...this is so funny! I think you reach a level of intimacy when you're sick...which i've been for a week. everything comes out when there is snot running out of your nose all day and you're having issues in the bathroom.

  2. hilarious! you know too well that when you have a marathon runner as a spouse anything from nipple bleeding to thigh and bum chafage become regular points of conversation. how's your bum doing sweetie? are those new undies working out better?

  3. sooooo....I overpronate, and I'm curious as to what shoes I should be wearing? seriously...I've had this problem my whole life, and have never known what to do.

  4. No way, this is too effing funny. I'm getting bunions on my toesies too! My mom told me that a few months ago and I wanted to cry - I didn't even know what a bunion was but it sounds just awful and old.

    I know it's time to marry Craig because I routinely pluck his eyebrows for him. He doesn't even put up a fight anymore, poor fella.

  5. LOL I totally have finger toes, too! I am a size 10 shoe :( But it's probably because my toes are like's crazy. I can pick things up with them :)

    Mr Fix It's odd thing is that being a surfer he'll come home from the beach and a few hours later when we're sitting at dinner, he'll start having water drip out of his nose for no reason. Like the ocean got up in there and decided to drain itself a while later. And it's not just a little drop or two, it's like someone turned on a faucet. It's pretty gross! :)

  6. Great post! I don't even want to say the disgusting things Paddy does/likes to talk about. Nothing is an overshare for him.

  7. You poor thing - I heard bunions hurt!

    Mr B has toenails that grow faster than anything you have ever seen. Seriously the boy can cut them and three days later they are way too long again. I call him claw toe. Very pretty.

  8. Oh this it too funny! Something funny about my hubby? Leading up to our wedding every day he would say "Hey babe, we are 4 weeks out from our wedding, and next week we will be 3 weeks out and the week after that we will be 2 weeks out and the week after that we will be 1 week out." He would say this like everyday for the whole month and a half leading up to our wedding. Which was usually followed by me hyperventilating over all the stuff we had to still do. lol.

  9. haha that's funny...I have a bunion too and it sucks! It's actually pretty painful sometimes too and I can never wear the super cute heels!

  10. Brilliant. That too much information information is what makes a couple a couple. Seriously if I can still love you bunions, wart, toilet habits and all it must be for life.

    I overpronate too would love shoe recommendations.


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