Thursday, July 30, 2009

To See or not to See

I am torn!

I'm trying on those J Crew dresses on Saturday....should I let Ryan see them or not?

I don't want to ruin the "first look," but I really think that seeing him on our wedding day, with my hair done and all that jazz, is going to be such an amazing moment regardless of if he's seen the dress before or not.

This article on Lovely Morning reinforces this, I think.

Curse my indesciveness! Maybe he shouldn't see anything until the wedding day....ugh, I don't know.

Ladies, advice please!


  1. I know how you're feeling. I wanted to show him the dress and make sure that he like it not liked...Loved! I wanted it to be the right dress. But Im glad I didnt show him the dress because its going to be such an amazing feeling the day of the wedding when he sees me...esp because Im more of a t-shirt and jeans girl...the last time I got all dressed up was in 2005 as a bridesmaid! But I took my MOH and bridesmaids with me and all three of them agreed about my dress and I even tried on others after to just make sure and I kept going back to "the one" and I knew it!!

    What about taking some friends with you? Or family members? Good luck. Cant wait to hear how it went.

  2. I see your thought pattern on this one, but I don't know---I'm a huge stickler about saving that first look until you start that walk down the isle.

    Since Matt and I have already moved in together and are pretty much already married (sadly without a huge piece of bling on my hand! haha) that's one of the few "firsts" I can still capture, you know?

    Ahh, I'm torn for you. I'm still leaning towards you saving it. I'm sure you need a more concrete answer...My vote: Don't let him see a thing! That's the only time you'll ever have that moment--build up the anticipation to it and enjoy every mili-second!


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