Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My New Place of Work

Did I tell you guys I have a new job?

I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Public Relations in December of 2008. I had a part-time secretary job at a big hospital in town that paid my bills in college, and I have been working there while searching for my first career-oriented job.

I started at a video production and marketing firm here in my hometown about 2 weeks ago. I write scripts for real estate TV shows and I do some voiceover work for the same shows. I might (a big might) get to do some on-camera work too.

It's a really laid back office, and so far I like it. They really like what I'm doing writing-wise and my voiceover work is coming along....I even got to record my own show this week!

Me having a full time job has enabled Ryan and I to start planning this wedding, and it's valuable experience for me career-wise. I am sooo glad to be done with the hospital and working on my career!

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