Monday, July 27, 2009

Exciting J Crew News!

So Saturday I was shopping with Ryan, and we stopped in J Crew. I always ask if someone's returned a wedding dress to the store...I heard from someone who used to work at J Crew that they usually have a handful in the back, waiting to be shipped, and they'll let you try them on.

They had one dress there, but it was someone's who just hadn't picked it up yet. They brought out their wedding consultant who said I could just pick out whatever dresses, they'd have them shipped to the store, and I could come in a try them on.


I have been ogling these dresses online for ages...I thought I'd have to buy them just to try them on, so I am way pumped. These are the dresses I will be trying on next Saturday:

The cotton cady Alexa

The cotton cady Erica

The metallic rose Madison

The metallic rose Madison is the one they had in the store....and it looks 1000x better in real life than it does in this picture. The silk was a creamy rich ivory with not a lot of silver.

I will fill you all in--Ryan's hopefully trying a suit on while we're at, and my mom and his mom will also be there. I am sooo excited, this will keep me going this week! I've been missing Ryan pretty bad lately, and this will give me something else to think about. We will open a J Crew card to buy Ryan's suit/my dress (if it works out), and that will save us at least 10%, if not 20%.

I just want to add that the wedding coordinator we worked with was lovely. For you St. Louis brides, her name is Claire and she works at the Galleria J Crew. E-mail me if you'd like her phone number at the store. Also, she said that J Crew is getting a wedding consultant on staff for each store, so head to your local J Crew and see what happens!

P.S. All images are courtesy of J Crew.

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