Thursday, July 23, 2009

European Gifts

My BFF, aka my maid of honor and sister Allison just got back from Europe! She shopped more for me than for herself (for shame Alli!), and she got me gorgeous stuff!

First up is this way cute gray felt wool mini purse. It'll be perfect for keeping little things together in the depths of my big handbag. The green silk clutch is to.die.for. I am planning an outfit around it for this weekend. I think the bag 100% deserves it, don't you?

Alli also got me this killer pashmina. #1, I love pashminas. #2, I love pink. #3, Polka dots rock my world. Pretty much a match made in heaven, methinks. I planned my work outfit around this for today!

And last but certainly not least, Alli got me this great Calligraphy how-to book and a quill and ink. I am going to feel so cool writing with a quill! She knows I've been wanting to learn how to write pretty for wedding stuff (invitation addressing, place cards, blah blah blah), so now I can do it!

Alli and my other sister Mary had such a great trip, but I am so glad they are home, I missed them both like crazy! Alli totally spoiled me, obviously, but I will think about her every time I write a nice looking letter or wear the lovely pashmina or slip something out of the green purse.

Thank you Alli, you're the best and I am so glad you're home!

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