Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Polish Heritage Center

Let me just start this off by saying that Ryan and I are not Polish. We're Italian, Belgian, Dutch, Irish and Native American, but we are not Polish.

Thankfully, the Polish Heritage Center in St. Louis could care less how Polish you are. They'll let you rent their hall regardless of where you originated. Here is a view of the hall from the back wall:

These are the windows on the side of the hall:

And this is the stage:

This is a veiw of the back of the room:

For $1100, you get the use of the hall for 9 hours, and you have to be out by 1 a.m. This is fine, because I don't think Ryan and I can stay up that late anyway. The fabulous thing about this hall is that we can bring in whatever caterer we'd like, as well as provide the alcohol ourselves! This will save us boatloads, I think, considering that the cheapest price we've seen for a bar is $12/head. Also, the couple who is in charge of renting the facility is lovely. They were wonderful, and were very accommodating of us being late (oops!).

When we started looking at halls, I really gravitated towards rooms that had natural light (the other ones felt like caves) and hardwood floors (I just love them). Who knew I'd get all picky about that, right? It got to the point where if the hall didn't have those 2 qualifications, I thought it was ugly. It's stupid, I know, because who actually pays attention to the floor? Probably only me. And it's going to be DARK out for most of the who cares if there are windows or not? Needless to say, the pragmatic part of my mind took a vacay whenever we talked about halls. I wanted window and hardwood floors, end of story.

Anyway, I'm 99% sure we will be booking this hall. Ryan is graciously going to check out one more location this week, since I am stuck in my hometown, so if that doesn't work out...then the Polish Heritage Center is where we will be putting on our boogie shoes next July!

I had to do quite a bit of digging to find this hidden gem. Was your reception venue easy to find?


  1. I love the windows...this is a great space. It is difficult to find where you want your wedding esp when you have big dreams and a smaller budget! Our venue is everything in one...the ceremony, reception, catering, etc we lucked out but kept debating because of the price...but here we go!

  2. I'm just beginning the wedding planning process, and this venue is exactly what my guy and I have been looking for. If you have any additional information about it and/or pictures, I would greatly appreciate it! My e-mail is if so. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for posting this - the photos are great and really show off the space for an event. I made a lot of notes to my Resource Guide.

    Happy Wedding Planning !

    Carolyn Burke - Wedding Liaison

  4. I can't find the website for the Polish Heritage Center. Do you have an email address or phone number I can use?

    Thank you!

  5. We haven't even been to see the location yet but I am fairly certain that we are going to use the center for our wedding! :) I just had 2 quick questions...did they have tables and chairs that you could use and how many people do they say the center can hold? I know ill get the answers when we go see the venue but Im excited and want to start mapping it out :) THanks so much!!!

    1. They do have tables and chairs, and it's been so long I really don't remember how many they least 350 though. Best of luck!


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