Sunday, July 19, 2009


Did you know that Beliefnet has a weddings section? This link will take you right to it. It is packed with fun stuff. They have wedding traditions from every faith you can think of listed, as well as meditations for brides and some great articles. They have sections helping you to write your own vows and offer a fabulous and loving toast.

I thought this bit was especially worthwhile. It's from an article called "Goodbye Bridezilla, Hello Wedding Goddess" by Laurie Sue Brockway. You can find the full article here. I thought it was a really neat way to look at the huge life transition that planning a wedding happens to be.

What is it that brides-to-be should be mindful of in between appointments with the caterer and dress fittings?

This is about you going from being a single woman with a boyfriend to becoming a married woman with a husband. This is about growing up and growing into the kind of commitment you once only dreamed about. It is about taking two complete and whole individuals with their greatness and their flaws and merging into a partnership that is beyond any union you have ever had in your life. It's about stepping up to the plate to say, "I do," and being ready to step up to the plate in marriage. The details of planning and the sometimes blinding stress that comes along with planning, I think, are often a diversion from the feelings related to this commitment. Fear and occasional panic are not uncommon.

What are some websites that surprised you with their wedding content?

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  1. What great advice and how true. I must follow this link. I just came back from vacation and it was so great to not think of work, wedding stuff, blogging, all of it. To just get away with my fiance and our family was wonderful. I need more days like that! WeddingBee has been very helpful...I love the community and how open bridestobe are!


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