Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quizzing the Day Away

So I took the "What Kind of Bride are You?" Quiz at Beliefnet. Here are my results:

The Off-Beat Bride: You are someone who dances to her own beat and wants a wedding to reflect that. You see your wedding and a special and personal creation and intend to put your signature touch on every part of it. Because you are so creative and have so many ideas, you probably are an independent operator and would not enjoy hearing the input of others about what you should do or how you should do it. In fact, you probably want to just surprise them all with the result. Since you will probably be paying for it yourselves, you have some assurance of being able to create what you want on your own.

I'd say this is pretty much accurate. Ryan and I are not paying for the wedding ourselves--if we were we would be getting married in like, 5 years. I do enjoy hearing the input of others because I am so indecisive, so it's helpful! The rest is spot on.

What kind of a bride are you? Did the results surprise you?

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