Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Here!

Yay! I went and got it the second I could. I am so obsessed, that both of my sisters called me just to tell me it was available. I've been checking for it at Barnes and Noble for the past month. I know, I'm ridiculous. If you knew me, you'd think it was even more ridiculous, because I'm not a Martha Stewart kind of a girl. Her stuff is so classy, though, and while some of it is outrageously expensive and superfluous, her projects are typically easy to do, approachable, and cost effective. I just can't ask for anything better right now! I already printed out the templates to a project in from the magazine, so I will be blogging about my attempt at that soon.

Ooo, I also did a bouquet mock up! I'll post on that later on this week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day of rest. Ryan is in St. Louis, and I'm planning on sleeping in, having a nice long run, completing a project I have been putting off for a while, maybe attempting a new Martha project, having dinner with my fam, and going wedding dress shopping with a friend from work. How are you whiling away the hours today?

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