Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twinkle Sews

I saw this book in Barnes and Noble last week and I want it so bad:

Look at that neckline, it's gorgeous. Usually there's maybe 1 thing I want to make out of every 50 or so patterns I see...but want to make 95% of the things in this book. Unfortunately the reviews on this are not good at all. The patterns used are on a CD, and almost everyone who reviewed the book said that they are a nightmare to print out and put together. Also, it does not look like this book is meant for a beginner, which I very obviously am.

Sigh. Maybe someday! Right now I need to focus on sewing things I can successfully complete without too much frustration, and I don't think this book fits that bill.


  1. Someday though!! Don't give up hope, you will get your beautiful neckline soon! :)

  2. Yeah it just takes practice - and you're a clever lady!


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