Wednesday, March 31, 2010

400 Babies

Foul language is involved, FYI.

Anyway, so after we got engaged, baby talk slowly started creeping in to Ryan and I's conversations. You know, how many kids he wants, how many I want, blah blah blah. It's starting to sink in more, now, and lately I've been doing some research into pregnancy and babies and what it's going to mean for us as a couple. Cloth diapers vs. disposables, breast feeding vs. formula, how far down the infertility treatment road we want to go if we can't get pregnant, private school vs. public schools....I know my views will change post baby, but I guess I'm trying on motherhood and seeing how it fits, in a way.

Let me also say that Ryan and I getting pregnant will be a blessing, and that I want time alone with my husband before we even think about starting to try for a baby. We've never lived together, and I want to enjoy that before introducing a baby to the mix.

So far...I'm super paranoid about turning into a whale and I've been checking out pregnancy weight gain calculators. Looks like I should gain 25-35 pounds, according to this calculator. Vain? Shockingly so, yes. I've read a lot into staying active during pregnancy and all that jazz, and hope to be able to do so. I've also read into eating organic, pesticide and hormone free while trying to conceive and throughout the pregnancy, and would like to do this.

I was amazed to see all the stuff you can't have when knocked up....caffeine is not good, especially in the first trimester, raw eggs are a no no as is raw meat, and non-pasteurized cheese, juice and milk should be avoided. Apparently pregnancy can inhibit your immune system, so anything that could potentially have lots of bacteria isn't good.

Ryan did say that the religious education of our children is on me, which is super exciting! I want to raise really tolerant kids who have a good knowledge of the traditions and customs of other religions.

Have you found yourself having conversations like this with your partner lately?


  1. we definitely have had the kids talk...and my vanity is pretty much the only thing that would prevent us from having kids naturally. We both are completely open to adopt and most likely will...but down the road, not any time soon. Unless we have an oops moment, kids will not be in our future for at least a couple of years.

  2. Not yet. We kind of want to live together and enjoy being together before having another life around for awhile. Maybe a year or two.

    We have thought about our nutrition just in case we are blessed with a pregnancy. I read that women should be taking folic acid months before conceiving. Also it is good to stay away from all things plastic and stick free (like tephlon).

  3. don't lunch meat when it is time.

  4. We're planning on waiting a couple of years. Although we are both pretty clucky. Really want to buy a house first so we can paint and decorate a nursery.

    We laid in bed the other night discussing baby names.

  5. We've talked about it a lot.

    We want to wait a couple of years after we get married.

    We'll try for one, and see how we go after that. But I'm not having more than two!


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