Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ladies who are standing up with me on July 24th, 2010: If you are not Alli or Mary, please go grab some coffee or water, pet your dog(s), or maybe take a nap. This is somewhat of a surprise.

So I'm making tote bags for all of my bridesmaid's, courtesy of the sewing book I got for Christmas, One Yard Wonders. I have all of the fabric together too! The fabric on the far left is for one of Ryan's sisters, its a chocolate brown with lilac detailing. The coral is for Ryan's other sister, the yellow is for one of my sisters, the brown and green is for my friend Melissa, and the 2-D zoo print is for my sister Mary.


The chocolate brown, coral and yellow I got at a discount home decor fabric warehouse for $5/yard, which is a great deal for thicker fabric. The brown and green I got at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon, and Mary's animal print I ordered offline for maybe $10?

Anyway, I need to buy fabric to line the bags in, but it won't be expensive. I will buy a thicker fabric to line the animal print with since that fabric is on the thin side. The tote bags do much better with a thicker fabric to give them some shape.

I started with the coral, and wow does my machine hate that fabric. It pulled and tugged and was awful to work with. I showed the results to my sister Alli and she said I was being anal retentive, so I'm going to finish it (hopefully tonight) and see how it is. If it's awful, I have another 40% Hobby Lobby coupon I can use to buy more fabric. *Edited to add: I had to buy more fabric last night. Lesson learned!*

It's amazing how fast these go together now that I've made a practice one! I need to get better at cutting accurately.

I'm also hoping to make envelope shaped pouches with the scraps left over from the bags. We'll see!

I feel like I need to add something else to their gifts...we'll see! I want to give them stuff they'll use, and tote bags like this can be used to library books, groceries, work out clothes, anything really.

What are you gifting your bridesmaid's?


  1. I think thats lovely you are making the bags yourself, very creative.

    I am getting bags made from Etsy seller EmmaGordonLondon for my girls, both our mums and me too. Then I have got them all jewellery, a hair comb and a pashmina to wear on the day. The bags are getting made in our colours so they can also use them on the day but they are the main gift since they can be used again.

  2. Great idea! They will love them! I’m giving my girls coordinated jewelry they can wear on the wedding day and re-wear afterward.

  3. I can't wait to see what they look like when you are done! I am sure they will be awesome! I'm also giving my ladies bags which I ordered on Etsy. Will post about them soon!

  4. Wow, those bags are such great gifts! Can't wait to see how they turn out. My girls are also getting handmade necklaces and earrings from my aunt, who is starting out her jewelry design business, and brooches I found on ebay and etsy.

  5. I LOVE the yellow one!!!! These will look so great!


  6. They are going to be so cute! Sewing is one of those things I suck at and wish I could do...

  7. Homemade gifts are awesome.

    I gifted my girls their bridesmaid dresses, pearl earrings, headbands to wear on the day & bridesmaid hoodies.

  8. I really like that red fabric. We may give my bridesmaids sashes, not sure though.


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