Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kicked my To-Do Lists *ss

Ok I'm not really kicking my to-do lists *ss, but Ryan and I really are knocking some stuff out.

I booked the hotel room blocks last week, which turned into quite the ordeal, but thankfully the ending was a happy one (still waiting on the contract, but we're good to go). I booked the DJ this week, and we ended up getting an incredible deal, and the people are obscenely nice and the references I checked had glowing things to say about them.

I ordered feathers off of Etsy this week to finish off my bouquets, and finally found a great price ($12.75 for 30 baby ostrich feathers, free shipping!). I am so excited to get these completely done, I think they are going to look amazing.

Ryan and I have started researching alcohol prices, and it looks like we're going to come right at our budget of $1,000. According to various alcohol quantity calculators, it looks like we'll need 3.5 kegs and about 80-90 bottles of wine. We're thinking about doing a signature drink, but the bartenders really don't like to mess with hard alcohol so we need to keep it really, really simple. Ryan wants rum and coke, but that reminds me way to much of getting 32 oz. sodas from the gas station and pouring rum in once we got the car in my wilder days. My idea of a strawberry lemonade and vodka was deemed "too girly," so what do you all think?

We're hoping to meet with a manager from the pizza place we'd like to do our rehearsal dinner in on Friday.

I LOVE getting this stuff knocked out, it feels so good! Especially since all of this stuff has required so much research.

How're you doing with your list? Does it feel good to mark stuff off?


  1. As cool as signature drinks seem...I didn't think the expense was worth it. We just did beer, wine, and lemonade. Every wedding i've been to where there were signature drinks...not much was used--the guys gravitated towards the beer, the ladies to the wine.

  2. Our caterer suggested signature drinks as they can keep expenses cheaper. Instead of ordering a bit of everything, you can order a lot of one thing. Choosing a "girly" drink and a "boys" drink (just give them fun names) is a great idea.

    A lot of people might expect a small bar (vodka, rum, gin) so if you're not giving them anything (as you won't be able to return any unused bottles) signature drinks are a great alternative!

  3. woot woot! good work! I agree with Ruthy and Hannah, if you don't have any hard alcohol i doubt it will be missed but if you do go the signature drink route a boys option and a girls option is a great compromise. Do you mind me asking how many guests you expect? we're supplying the alcohol at our wedding as well and would love to start getting a more realistic cost calculated. thx!

  4. My to-do list somehow seems to have grown with only 17 days to go!!! How is that possible? Though I did cross a bunch of things off this past weekend which felt SOOOO good. Now I am having to knock stuff out every single day to get it all done in time. But it's coming together. Congrats on all your finished tasks!

  5. Yay for ticking things off! I'm totally voting for strawberry lemonade!

  6. Nice job!! Feels so good to take control of your todo list. I'm inspired by you!


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